When Living The Life Of An Empath You Need To Project Your Power!

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When living the life of an empath you will feel other people's emotions like they are your own. Most people can have empathy for those they live with or are around a lot of the time. But what about those of us with empathy so strong, it extends to everyone. How do we handle it? 

How does an empath cope? We go into hiding and become agoraphobic - or we learn how to project our clairsentient power. That's the real gift of the psychic empath - projection.

How to cope when you live the life of an empath.

Coping With The Life Of An Empath

I use a simple technique with my imagination and you can, too. I'm a Taurus, an earth sign, so I begin with "feeling" the earth with my empathy. I imagine a greenish light coming up from under the floorboards, through the couch and into my spine. I let it flow freely through me. It energizes me. I feel alive.

You can do this with your element from your sun sign, as well. Find a chakra and a color you feel fits with the beginning of your battery.

Now for the other half of your battery. You're taking in energy, but to be a battery and keep charged, you have to let it out as well as take energy in.

I imagine a bluish-white light coming out of the crown of my head. It's like an electrical current. The green comes in my spine, runs through my body, and comes out bluish-white from the top of my head.

Now that I have my battery in motion, I can "push," or project my juju, the great energy I'm feeling, without becoming drained.

If you are living the life of an empath you can do this too. It takes practice. Focus, focus, focus. Before you know it, you'll do it without even thinking about it. You'll be surprised at how much energy you have in situations where normally you'd be drained in an hour. And even better than that, you'll see that other people respond by getting in better moods around you.

And because you're living the life of an empath, you'll be able to feel their happiness. It's a circle, a cycle, a loop.

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Guest post by Lisa Hazard

Lisa Hazard

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