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The Truth About The Lost Runes

The Lost Runes were an ancient oracle, older than the New Testament. We won’t purport to know more than scholars and scribes who researched the mystical origins of Runes and one by one, discarded their unprovable theories. 

Because it is widely held that the lost runes were a sacred gift from the Norse god, Odin, let’s begin by interpreting the old Norse poem “The Speech of the High One”.

According to Norse legend, Odin “swung” by his feet, for nine (long) nights from the Tree of the World (Yggdrasil tree). “Wounded by my own blade”, Odin was in physical pain, thirsty and hungry. Legend has it, he “spied” the Runes and “with a roaring cry” he “seized them up” and fell from the tree.

It is said that from this absolute knowledge, Odin carved 18 runes. Rune Masters, shamans or chiefs, practiced high magic, using the Runes for divinatory purposes. They also had practical influences, i.e. for healing, love, weather, fertility and more.

About The Lost Runes

Be mindful that during the pre-Christian era, all creations were viewed as living things. So, that anything from twigs to leather was thought to have sacred powers.  

While even the most learned scholars can’t agree where or how Rune stones originated, Iceland did hold onto them for divination and invocation of higher powers the longest.

In 1639, they were banned by Icelandic law. Anyone found to possess Runes was “burned alive”. Unfortunately, with the Rune Masters’ deaths, the Runes as magical tools died too, as if pages were ripped from the Book of Time.  About the only survivors are found in sagas, songs and poetry.

As the Runes “traveled” from place to place, with warriors, traders, etc. it was necessary to create an alphabet for collective consciousness. A Germanic alphabet was named futhark, after the first six letters of the Runes. It’s interesting to note runic words were written and read from right to left. One hypothesis is that the German Goths created the runic alphabet.

Another supposition is courtesy of L. F. A. WimmerM, who was a Danish Rune scholar in the 19th century. He observed a glaring resemblance between Latin letters and specific Runes. This led him to deduce that a solitary German scribe referred to the Latin alphabet to create the Runic alphabet to be used for written communications.

Many scholars resonate with the concept that one man developed the Runes. Because it would provide a definitive answer about when, where and why the Lost Runes were conceived.

How to Find Your Truth in the Lost Runes

Modern Runes consist of 24 rectangular tiles, with ancient symbols, except for one blank tile, which represents our spiritual journey, or the “Path of Karma”.

While the Book of Runes makes a marvelous companion during your journey to highest consciousness, a consultation with a psychic specializing in Rune Readings can bring instant answers to pressing questions.

Rune Stone Readings

Rune Stone Readings do not address the future, rather the reader assesses cause and effect and indicates a potential outcome. If you are a truth seeker, this “Oracle of Self” must and will serve as its own teacher, eventually divulging meanings of each of the Runes.

Rune Wiki Secrets

This Rune Wiki covers interpretation, spreads and general guidance. With this tutorial you can become an effective rune reader. You will learn how to develop your own unique reading style using a flexible but structured approach.

About Divination Runes

Most of the current knowledge about divination runes come from three preserved poems, providing a short stanza about each symbol, which are a "must read" for anyone just starting off. Runes are a life-long study but carry with them wisdom that runs deep.

Rune Love Oracle

How to consult the powerful and accurate rune love oracle. For the best, the most targeted answers mix the stones, pick up five, and place in a cross shaped spread. Everyone can do this, it is easy and there is no need to possess psychic gifts.