by Matt Smith
(Anchorage, Alaska, USA )

With my friends and family I went to an alien place and found a warehouse where aliens lived but weren't there, we swam in a pool full of a color changing plasma-like substance.

After that a few people set out to look for more aliens out in space. A girl whom I don't know, landed on a planet and hid approximately 30 yards from a line of working robot aliens who were disposing of old materials.

She made a sound and they went to investigate. She hopped up got into her pod and flew off, they chased her back to the warehouse and we fought them and won.

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May 24, 2011
same dream?

i had the same sort of dream except it was here on earth there were 2 females and i want to say 3 males. i was at an unknown location an a large colorless orb was dropped into a pool. then something very strange happened all motion stopped and a female disappeared, the other was levitated in the air one of the males levitated and then seemed to blend with the walls we tried and succeeded in getting him out. then out of the blue some unusual looking half human half alien things appeared that were not of the friendly type. they chased us into what looked like a lab that contained pods and some sort of huge tube with water in it that went into the wall, we had no chance to get in a pod so we just got in the tube and they, the aliens followed us and then i woke up. Crazy right.

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