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Archangel Help And How To Get It

Here's five different aspects of Archangel Help.  The idea of angels is as old as man's notion of the metaphysical and the outworldly. Of a perfectly beautiful, often androgynous human form adorned with a pair (or sometimes multiple pairs) of wings, they feature in most world's religions and spiritual paths. 

Their role is that of divine messengers and protectors of the human race and their number is believed to be endless, and their faithfulness to all that is good immense.

Presiding over these legions of heavenly beings are Archangels. These very powerful entities, these "chief angels" so to speak, keep vigil over us and hear all our prayers.

Each Archangel possesses his own realm of interest and is willing to provide help in different aspects of our lives.

Archangel Help And How To Get It

Michael's Archangel Help

Archangel Michael is a warrior of a distinctly masculine energy. The fire element over which he presides makes him a being of action and strong willpower. His stubborn nature occasionally makes him appear hard of hearing to our prayers but his immense power, once directed our way, can help us unearth any truth, come to the root of the matter, and gives us the courage to take risks and overcome all obstacles. Michael's intervention can help you purify your soul and become a stronger person.

Gabriel's Archangel Help

Archangel Gabriel appears almost an opposite to Michael. Of a more feminine disposition, embodying the element of water, his domain is that of emotions and communication. In many ways, he is easier to reach, always having an ear for our hopes, fears and prayers. Gabriel helps us be more receptive of divine messages (which comes in handy if we are trying to develop our psychic abilities) but he also enables us to feel things more deeply and have more empathy for others.

Raphael's Archangel Help

Archangel Raphael dwells in the realm of air. His specialty is that of healing the body, the mind and the spirit. He can help us break free from unhealthy habits and restore our well-being but also aid us in bringing comfort and soundness of body and mind to others. Raphael empowers everyone seeking his help to discover new ways of living a healthy life and achieving their full potential.

Uriel's Archangel Help

Archangel Uriel reigns over the domain of knowledge and wisdom. He can help you tremendously with any learning process and push you in the right direction towards academic success. Being closely connected to the element of earth, Uriel can also bring you stability and material prosperity. Helping you stay grounded at all times, he will not allow your mind to wander. Uriel's guidance will keep you on track.

Metatron's Archangel Help

Archangel Metatron is the Akashic Record keeper. He can help us look into the book of life and correct misalignments with our true Soul purpose. He is also the guardian of the bridge between earth and heaven. Metatron is the only archangel to have lived a human life and then connect directly with God from which he was made an archangel when passed over. Metatron can be a great help in developing psychic and mediumistic abilities.

Always willing to help, Archangels radiate pure love and work on protecting us from ill intention and malice. If our hearts are pure, our intentions good and our pledges honest, they will be much inclined to come to our rescue. You can have faith in that.

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