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Barefoot with Real Housewives Of Atlanta

by Jameelah
(Los Angeles CA)

I had a dream I was walking in a nice neighborhood of houses, barefoot. I don't know why but I walked into Phaedra, a Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Now the neighborhood and the house did not seem like where she would live. I was surprised to see her in there with other people. I said to her, Hey, I didn't know you live here. I live right around the corner. So close I can walk, barefoot.

I felt a little embarrassed when I said that and embarrassed that I was barefoot with dirty feet. I felt like she was judging me by the look she gave me.
Then I ended up in a school with stairs that were really steep but easy going up and really hard going down because on step was missing. It was a big gap. I think I turned around and tried to find another way out from fear of falling.
That's all I remember :)

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