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Being an Empath is Heavy!

by Larry
(Indiana, USA)



Tonight, I got a call from a long lost friend that I worked with many moons ago. At the risk of sharing her real name, we will call her Regina. The last time Regina and I hung out was at her house in the middle of nowhere. She and her eldest son were experiencing a real life haunting at their home and she asked if I’d come over to help assist the spirit to the white light. I did so, but it was at that time that Regina informed me that she and her son also had this gift, but didn’t know how to use or control it.

When I spoke with her tonight, she was a completely different person. She had read up on psychic empathy and now knew that she was an empath.

Of all of the psychic gifts, empathy is probably one of the more exhausting and draining, in my estimation. Imagine walking into any room and feeling residual energy from those that have been there and also the active energy of those in the room. All of their hopes, dreams, fears, thoughts, emotions and prayers come flying at you. It is no wonder that many empaths struggle with anxiety and tend to shy away from social situations.

How To Know If You’re A Psychic Empath

Below, I’ve come up with a few telltale signs that will help assist you in understanding if you are, indeed, an empath.

1. Empaths typically identify as loners.
Since crowd, parties, and other large groups tend to wear down and drain empaths, they prefer to be alone to they can recharge their batteries. I’ve known empaths to go hide in the restroom just to get away for some brief alone time and to diffuse the emotional overload.

2. Empaths may be accused of being too sensitive.
They’re often told that they need to quit being so sensitive, but that’s easier said than done. Their energy is typically wide open which makes them prone to be givers (even to their own detriment). They also tend to easily get their feelings hurt.

3. Empaths are typically introverts.
They typically do not make friends easily. In the case that the empath is an extrovert, they tend to limit their time in crowds and around others. Ideally, one-on-one conversations and meetings are the best.

4. Empaths have really refined guts.
The intuition of an empath is second to none. Their gut feelings dictates how they live their lives and experience the world. This helps them to make better informed decisions about people.

5. Romantic relationships are challenging.
While they are likely true hopeless romantics, this notion only goes so far. They still do not welcome people in their space and cherish their alone time. This is because they spend so time with the feelings and emotions of others that they need to maintain their own identity.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of things to look out for, but it is a pretty good start. Are you an empath? I'd love to hear from you!


Larry (or ParaLarry) is a psychic medium who has been doing readings for over 15 years. He first amassed his following on Reddit providing low cost readings and since then, he has opened his own website at to further share his gift. If you would like to learn more about psychic empathy, be sure to visit for more information.

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