A Spiritual Being Of Light In The Overly Physical World

What does spiritual being of light mean?

  • For most of us we live in a physical world oblivious to the joy and love that is all around us. We live and breathe the stress and pain that revolves around us every day and forget to realize that our lives are just that, ours. But I have come to discover that we are not physical beings lost in a physical world, but spiritual energetic beings lost in a physical world.

Michael Clark is the verified author of this guest post.

That’s right, you are a spiritual energy being that thinks it's physical. You believe that everything around you and all your aches and pains are caused by the physical world, and you don't realize that it all really is just energy that you have allowed into yourself. You've allowed yourself to take on negative energy into your own energetic being and said, "This is Mine!”

Why would you do that? You do it because you've been told to since you were a little child. The thing is that it isn't your parents, or teachers’ fault that they taught you this. They were taught the very same thing and just passed it along thinking that they were correct in doing so. This life is not about pain and overcoming obstacles, it's about living as a being of light with love and joy, and finding everything you ever wanted in life, and having it.

You are a spiritual being of light.

What does it mean to be a being of light?

You are an energy being of light. But you allow random negative energy into your life, and that energy manifests itself in the physical causing all your colds, aches, pains, and disease. Don't allow others to give you their stress, pain, and emotional damage, because if you do then your body will manifest a negative physical ailment to go along with your negative energy that you have said you deserve to have.

I want you to see that this life is not a place to fall apart in, or feel that your entire life has been a struggle, but to see that you are a beautiful, creative being of light and love, and you never have to feel sad, or depressed again - ever. So the next time someone tries to blame you for something that they are feeling, think of this article and know that you won't accept it, for it isn't yours.

Who's Life Is This?

A spiritual being of light.

People, look around you and see that everything in your life is being directed, not by your thoughts and feelings, but from your environment. You need to start guiding your life by your own feelings on things and not how others feel about you. Have you ever been talking to someone and found that you wanted to walk away from what they were saying about you, but you felt that in some way what they were saying was true? Your first impulse was the right one, to walk away. Yet you stayed around and hoped that this person, for whatever reason, would know you better than you know yourself?

How is this possible! How could someone other than you know you better than you? It's not possible, and yet we allow this to continue throughout our lives. We give people the right and satisfaction to direct our lives for us as if they knew how to do it better than we would. Why do we allow this you may ask? For a very basic reason. We are taught to listen from without and ignore our personal feelings of our life.

That's right! We ignore our own feelings and push them deep inside and hide who we are to everyone especially ourselves. We are told from an early age that emotions are evil, that they are something that makes us behave irrationally. Emotions are the basis of our learning about who we truly are, and yet the control around you wants to keep it buried. Interesting don't you think? The control beings around you want to keep you under control by their perception of who they think you should be, other than who you are. Why would they do that? They say that they have your best interests at heart and yet they will only allow you to do things based on what they think is best. Your own feelings are used as a control against you by naming them as negative.

Why they do this is very easily explained. Emotions are part of our tool set that allows you, as a being of light, to understand our environment and who is towards our best. Yes! Emotions tell us who we like, who we don't, what situations are best for us, and which ones are not, and yet we would rather listen to our parents, teachers, and bosses all levels of control than listen to our own voices inside.

Did you ever feel weight on your shoulders, but express in some way that it's just the pressure from your day at work? Well I have to let you know that "Pressure on the Shoulders" is the indication that you have taken on someone else's responsibility and made it yours. That's right! That pressure that you are trying to relieve from a rough day is actually someone else's pressure that you have accepted and the weight on your shoulders is your emotional system trying to tell you that. Of course we've been trained to ignore this system and tell ourselves its just strain on us from a good hard days work. Sounds like a control trying to make you work harder, past your ability because it wants more out of you than it is healthy for you to give. We agree on it all the same and continue to stress our lives. Why? Because we don't know any other way.

As a being of light listen to your emotions more and others less and you will come to find a truth that was always there.

Guest post by Michael Clark 

Michael Clark

Michael Clark is a guest poster from Antioch Village in Illinois USA

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Comments About Being Of Light

Self Shielding - by Pamella
I really respect what is said here and see that it is what I have needed to hear in my own psychic profession. I have wonderful clients, but at times I have some real negativity that comes. It can affect my whole day if allowed. I make the choice of not receiving the energy that was brought to the table by the client. Usually it is in the form of skepticism that I deal with when it is negative. - Good job on bringing this information to the surface for us. :)

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