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How Can A Psychic Predict Pregnancy? The Fertile Questions Answered

How can a psychic predict pregnancy?

Psychics who predict pregnancies can use methods such as intuition, clairvoyant visions, communication with spiritual entities, dreams, or fortune telling divination tools to answer your fertility questions.

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How Fertility Psychics Predict Pregnancy

Intuition: Psychics who rely on intuition can sense subtle changes in a person's energy or aura that indicate a pregnancy. They may pick up on physical sensations such as nausea or fatigue, or emotional changes such as increased sensitivity or mood swings. Some psychics may also be able to sense the presence of a new life force or spiritual energy that indicates a pregnancy. Intuition is a highly subjective and individual experience, and not all psychics may rely on it equally. Some may use it in combination with other methods, while others may place greater emphasis on their intuitive abilities.

Clairvoyant Visions: Psychics who see visions or images related to a pregnancy are using clairvoyance. For example, a psychic may see an image of a pregnant woman, a baby, or a specific symbol or object that represents pregnancy. Psychics who rely on visions may use them to provide specific details about the pregnancy, such as the gender of the baby or the due date.

  • Other CLAIR sensory experiences that may also come into play are clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), clairalience (smelling), claircognizance (just knowing), around certain aspects of the pregnancy.
How A Psychic Predicts Pregnancy.

Communication With Spiritual Entities: Psychic mediums will communicate with spiritual entities such as angels, spirit guides, or deceased loved ones. These entities may provide fertile insights into the possible pregnancy of a client. Mediums enter a meditative or trance state to connect with these spirit entities. In their spiritual communication they may ask specific questions or simply allow the information to flow through them.

Dreams About Pregnancy: Dreams can be rich in symbolism and metaphor, and can provide insights into a person's thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It is not uncommon to receive guidance about pregnancy through prophetic, symbolic, and spirit communication dreaming.

  • Prophetic dreams are dreams that predict future events. Psychics who receive guidance about pregnancy through dreams have prophetic dreams that show them specific details about the pregnancy, such as the gender of the baby or the due date. They may also have dreams that show them images or symbols related to pregnancy, such as a stork, a crib, or a baby's face.

  • Symbolic dreams are dreams in which symbols and metaphors convey meaning. Those who receive guidance about pregnancy through dreams may have symbolic dreams that reveal insights into their own or someone else's fertility, or the potential for a pregnancy. For example, they may dream about a blooming flower, which could symbolize growth and fertility, or about a broken mirror, which could represent a disrupted or problematic pregnancy.

  • Mediums can have spirit communication dreams in which entities provide specific messages or guidance about fertility and pregnancy. As can you! For example, in a dream you may hear a voice that whispers "You will have a baby soon," or may see a vision of a loved one holding a baby.

Divination Tools: Psychics who use divination tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, or runes can also gain insight on the fertile topic of predicting pregnancies.

  • A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with its own unique image and symbolism. Tarot cards can be used to answer specific questions about a person's fertility or pregnancy status. To use tarot cards for fertility readings, a psychic may draw a specific spread of cards that is designed to provide insights into a person's reproductive health or likelihood of becoming pregnant. The cards that are drawn may reveal specific symbols or archetypes that are associated with fertility or pregnancy, such as the Empress card (which represents fertility, abundance, and motherhood) or the Ace of Cups (which represents new beginnings and emotional fulfillment).

  • A pendulum is a small weight (such as a crystal or a metal ball) attached to a chain or string. Pendulums are often used for divination purposes and are mostly used to answer yes-or-no questions. To use a pendulum in a fertility reading, a psychic holds the pendulum in their hand and ask a specific question, such as "Am I pregnant?" or "Will I be able to conceive?" The pendulum may then swing in a particular direction (such as back and forth for "yes" or side-to-side for "no") to provide an answer.

  • Runes are an ancient divination tool that originated in the Germanic and Norse cultures. A rune set consists of 24 stones or pieces, each with a different symbol or letter carved into it. To use runes for fertility readings, a psychic may draw a specific number of runes (such as three or five) from a bag or pouch. The runes drawn reveal specific meanings or insights into the person's fertility or pregnancy status, based on their symbolism and interpretation.

Please remember! It's important to seek medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional if you suspect you may be pregnant or have concerns about your fertility.


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What If?

If a psychic can predict pregnancy, would you have the fertility reading to know if you are going to have a baby?

When you talk to a good pregnancy psychic don’t just expect a simple yes or no. If your pregnancy reading is with a psychic medium, who connects to the spirit world, you will likely receive more deep and meaningful advice. Things like timing and spiritual lessons to be learned before resolving fertility issues will often arise in an accurate reading with a professional psychic.

The time frame is always a key issue in psychic predictions. And fertility readings are no exception. “Will I fall pregnant in the near future?” “Can you give me an exact date?” “Is this the right time to bring a new baby into the world?” Questions like these may be burning you up, especially if you have been trying to conceive for a long time.

An important thing to remember about having a pregnancy psychic reading is to take it for entertainment purposes rather than holding too much faith in any supernatural powers a fortune teller may possess. But it is good to keep an open mind and know that your free-will trumps any card a tarot reader may turn over.

That being said, there are some very good fertility psychics who know how to provide accurate answers to the big life questions in the realms of pregnancy predictions.

How To Ask A Psychic About Pregnancy And Find The Best Guidance 

“How can I best prepare myself to fall pregnant?”

  • If you have been trying in vain for a long time to conceive, a good psychic may be able to hone-in on the best methods for success in your personal situation. In this type of reading psychic readers can tune into a list of options you may be considering, to see what energetically comes to the fore.

“Can you see if there is the spirit of a child around me waiting to come into being?”

  • This question allows your psychic to scan for the energy of a new soul waiting to enter the psychical plane. This is a bit like a ghost hunt in reverse. A ghost is the soul energy of a being passed over. The new soul, of an unborn child preparing to jump into your world, may be sensed in a similar fashion.

“Will we be expecting a little girl or a little boy?”

  • The psychic gender reveal is a popular question psychics get asked when you are planning a pregnancy. Be aware that while a simple reveal is all you are after, your psychic may be able to sense gender transitions which will make the reveal quite confusing.

“How many children do you see me with?”

  • If you already have two kids and your psychic sees three or more, you can take it that there will be pregnant times in your future.

Of course, the best way to know if you are with child is to take a proper pregnancy test. But if you are wondering about possible pregnancies in your future, that you are not yet aware of, you may enjoy checking out the different psychics who specialize in these types of topics.

Ask A Psychic About Pregnancy With 3 Free Min & 50% Off

Kasamba's online psychic mediums, specializing in fertility, offer live psychic readings to help you find your way to happiness. Get answers and predictions from a top-rated psychic adviser by online psychic chat or a psychic reading by phone. Learn more > > 

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