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What Does My Chinese Love Horoscope Say About Me?

This Chinese Love Horoscope information is based largely on a system that involves numbers and animals. The origins of this oriental celestial approach are as mysterious as they are ancient but many people are willing to swear that Chinese astrology can show you how to determine compatibility with potential romantic mates with an uncanny amount of accuracy.

Each year is assigned to a particular animal.

In Chinese astrology compatibility is based on the years in which two individuals were born, not the month or day of their birth.

It is these designated animal characteristics for the year of your birth that tell whether a match will be a good one in the Chinese Love Horoscope.

These traits are well documented and this is how compatibility between the different animal signs came into existence as well.The compatibility of those born under these various animal signs has been thoroughly researched and analysed by Chinese scholars over many centuries. Today there are a number of traits that each individual is believed to possess, depending upon which animal sign governs their life.

Use this Chinese Love Horoscope to compare one person's gifts and characteristics to those of someone born under another animal sign. This can help determine how good of a match the two would make as friends, business partners or potential life mates.

What Chinese Love Horoscope Animals Are Romantically Compatible To Me?

Chinese Love Horoscope
  • Clever Rats

Those who have been blessed to be born in the Year of the Rat are highly intelligent and very likable. These individuals possess charm, wit and a fascination for life. A dragon will be an extremely compatible match. Rats will also find love and happiness with an insightful pig, a highly intelligent monkey or a loyal and supportive dog.

  • Mercurial Ox

The placid, plodding ox can sometimes be mercurial in its behaviour. Normally the ox is staid and docile, but this animal does have a short temper that can flare up when least expected. These individuals are most compatible with a dragon, rooster or a snake because these animals possess traits that complement and enhance those traits possessed by the ox. * Rabbits, dogs and pigs will make wonderful friends and confidantes for the more mercurial ox because they are not temperamental and can understand the behaviour of the ox.

  • Thoughtful Tigers

The tiger is deeply thoughtful, sympathetic and possesses great sensitivity. These individuals are most compatible with the loyal honest dogs or happy, free-thinking horses. * Secondary matches to consider would include other tigers and cheerful, courageous pigs.

  • Talented Rabbits

Rabbits are viewed as ambitious, clever and very talented. The most compatible match would be the loyal and equally talented dog or with the gentle and supportive sheep/goat. * Secondary matches can be found among dragons, snakes, rats or an ox.

  • Brave Dragons

If you were born in the year of the dragon you are perceived as being honest, clever and brave. You will be most compatible with the intelligence and wit of monkeys and rats. * A secondary choice in the Chinese Love Horoscope match might include horses, snakes or roosters.

  • Financially Astute Snakes

Snakes are seen as fortunate animals, particularly with financial situations. These individuals should look for a match with a patient ox, a trustworthy dog or an energetic and talented rooster. * Some snakes can also be very compatible with a rat, goat/sheep or rabbit.

  • Happy Horses

The horse is a happy, cheerful and easy going individual. However the horse can also be a bit impatient. These individuals will be most compatible with the loyal dog, a brave, protective dragon or a supportive tiger. * Other secondary matches could include sheep/goats or even other horses.

  • Gentle Goats/Sheep

A person born in the year of the Sheep (or Goat) is gentle, reserved, quiet and compassionate. Although they are thoughtful, intuitive and wise many sheep are also a bit pessimistic. These traits are very compatible with other sheep. Compatible matches can also be found with kind rabbits and sympathetic, understanding pigs.

  • Erratic Monkeys

Monkeys are considered to be somewhat erratic in the Chinese Love Horoscope charts. Yes, these individuals are gifted in many areas and are often geniuses, but their erratic behaviour can make it difficult to find a compatible match. The flexible nature, intelligence and high level of skills monkeys possess make the self-assured dragons, clever dogs and understanding rats the best choices for partners.Loyal Dogs

  • Egotistical Roosters

The rooster is brave, clever and quite an interesting person to know. However they are also known for their egotistical nature. Their best compatibility will be with a fierce and self-assured dragon, a patient ox or a financially astute snake.

  • Loyal Dogs

Dogs, according to Chinese astrologers, display the finest traits seen in any humans. These individuals are loyal to a fault, brave, trustworthy, reliable and honest. You might even call them the "Boy Scouts" of the Chinese astrological charts. The most compatible matches for a dog would be a cheerful and optimistic horse, a clever pig, an intelligent monkey or a thoughtful and talented tiger.

  • Chivalrous Pigs

Chinese astrologers describe pigs as very noble, kind and chivalrous individuals who give their all to each situation. When it comes to ideal compatibility the pig should search for a harmonious relationship with other pigs, with clever, witty rats, with gentle goats/sheep or with the entertaining and clever rabbits.

What is My Year?

There is no doubt that Chinese astrology offers a great deal of thoughtful insight pertaining to the characteristics and compatibility of the 12 animal signs. You must be the ultimate judge of how accurate these predictions are, but do not overlook the potential wealth of information that this Chinese Love Horoscope is able to provide.