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Dice Fortune Telling And Divination Made Easy

Dice fortune telling and divination has been authenticated, prior to recorded history, as far back as 8,000 years ago, among Hindu’s, Tibetan monks, African witch doctors, Egyptians, Romans and even the rune dice of the Vikings (using dice with rune symbols). Fortune telling with dice may not enjoy immense popularity today, but Romany Gypsies are still known for prophesizing with dice at fun fairs for entertainment purposes.

Of all the different types of fortune telling methods this one does not cost a large sum of money. And you will NOT need to look for an accompanying booklet to master this unique pocket oracle.  Experts suggest that high-quality wooden dice have good vibes and are quite responsive. However, if you have a game of dice in any type of natural material, or have a striking dice set of the plastic variety, go ahead and use them. 

Three dice tossed into the winds of fate,
Whispers of futures yet to create.
Seeking answers, wisdom's ally,
In simple numbers that can't lie.

Roll them gently in your hand,
Over questions of sea, sky, and land.
The truth is hidden in their face,
In every dot, a secret trace.

No to yes, and in-between,
In each roll, a mystery gleaned.
Whether fortune, joy, or plight,
Dice reveal in soft moonlight.

In their humble, tumbling guise,
Dice become the seer's wise.
Not mere chance, but messages,
Carried on number's express.

So remember this, when dice do roll,
They speak directly to your soul.
Though future's foggy, answers reside,
In the dance of dice, as your guide.

Easy Fortune Telling With Dice

There is a metaphysical adage to ‘divine short’, which fits the dice perfectly. Fortune telling with dice is simple and offers a novel way to get good advice in succinct answers, with scant need for clarification.

Easy Fortune Telling With Dice

What You'll Need:

  • Three six-sided dice (like the kind you would use in most board games)
  • A quiet space to focus
  • A question or topic in mind

The Process:

1) Clear your mind: Before you begin, take a few moments to clear your mind and focus on the question you want to ask or the issue you want insight into. It's important to be specific with your question. Instead of asking a vague question like "What will happen to me?", ask something more specific like "What will be the outcome if I take this new job offer?"

2) Roll the dice: Once your question is clear in your mind, roll the three dice. The resulting numbers will be your answer.

3) Interpret the Numbers: In the simplest form of dice divination, the numbers correspond to specific answers. Here's an easy way to interpret them:

  • 3-5: A definite no
  • 6-8: The answer is unclear, try again or rephrase your question
  • 9-11: The answer is a maybe
  • 12-14: The situation is favorable, but not certain
  • 15-18: A definite yes

4) Consider Context: Your interpretation of the dice should always take into account your specific question and circumstances. For example, if you ask about a risky endeavor and roll a 9, it's likely the dice are telling you there's a chance it could work out, but it's not guaranteed.

Mystical Dice Fortune Telling Tips

  • Divination dice games hold more magic when used in sacred spaces

  • Never tell your own fortune with dice on Monday or Wednesday. And it is also considered bad juju to read the dice for the same person more than three times daily. 

  • The good news is that dice revel in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Merely hold a die and state the person’s question aloud. Toss the dice in a playful way. Even numbers indicate ‘yes’; odd numbers signify ‘no’. Easy-peasy?

  • With three dice, you engage greater forces to receive insights and guidance about past, present and future events. Have the querent put their attention on a situation, which is happening in their life now. Cast three dice in a manner that lines them up in a row. The die on the left represents the past. An even number reveals circumstances leading to the current event were positive; odd number indicates it was negative. The center die symbolizes the now. An odd number portends the current condition is static, it won’t get worse; an even number suggests a positive final outcome.  

Ask the person whose fortune you’re telling with dice to state her current situation out loud. (Just like you would do with tarot cards or a crystal ball) Then, throw the dice again, this time adding the number of dots. Like in Numerology, the idea is to always calculate the sum of the dice down to a single digit number.

Basic meanings for dice fortune telling.

Here are the 9 answers for the current moment in each dice fall. Each traditional meaning has been passed along orally for generations:

  1. Sadness
  2. Happiness
  3. Change in circumstances coming soon
  4. New romance / love interest
  5. Surprising news fulfils your fancies
  6. Unpleasant surprise, probably financial loss, possibly a difficult matter in a relationship
  7. You will be trusted with a secret
  8. Three auspicious things will happen
  9. Business or love connection brings success, either new friends, new love, or good luck with a gambling win

Even if you don’t have a psychic bone in your body, you can read spots on the dice. It’s a splendid party game. Better yet, dice fortune telling is just plain fun.

Dice fortune telling is fun and easy to do.

FAQs About Divination With Dice

What is dice fortune telling?

  • Fortune telling with dice is a modern equivalent of ‘throwing the bones’. To be precise, knucklebones, translated from the Greek word astragalus. Shamans commonly used knucklebones for divining. Using dice as a divination tool is called astragalomancy.

How do you use dice for fortune-telling?

  • To use dice for fortune-telling, start by clearly identifying your question or intention. Choose the number of dice and define your interpretation system—this could range from simple yes/no assignments to more complex symbolic meanings. After optionally cleansing your dice to align them with your intent, cast them onto a flat surface, keeping your question in mind. Finally, interpret the results based on your predetermined system and reflect on the insights gained, ideally jotting down the results and your reflections for future reference.

How many dice are typically used in dice divination?

  • Dice divination can use any number of dice, but typically, three are used. The dice can be standard six-sided dice, or they can be polyhedral dice with different numbers of sides like those used in some tabletop games. The meaning assigned to each outcome can differ based on the specific system or tradition of divination being practiced.

How do you interpret the outcomes when performing dice divination?

  • Interpretations can vary greatly depending on the specific system of divination being used. Some systems assign different meanings to each potential roll, while others may look at the total sum, the differences between the dice, or even the patterns in which the dice land. It's important to have a consistent system of interpretation in place before you begin a divination session.

Is dice fortune telling related to numerology?

  • Yes, in some forms of dice divination, numerology plays a crucial role in interpretation. Numerology is based upon the mystical significance of numbers and their influence on human life and events. The numbers rolled on the dice may be interpreted through a numerological lens in these systems, providing additional layers of meaning to the divination.

Can anyone perform divination with dice, or does it require special training?

  • While anyone can technically perform dice divination, gaining a nuanced and accurate understanding of the results often requires study and practice. Like many forms of divination, it involves not only the physical act of casting the dice but also the ability to interpret the results in a meaningful way. Many practitioners recommend studying under someone experienced or reading authoritative texts to fully grasp the intricacies of this divination method.
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