An Easy Dice Fortune Telling Method With The Meanings For Each Number

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What is dice fortune telling?

  • Fortune telling with dice is a modern equivalent of ‘throwing the bones’. To be precise, knucklebones, translated from the Greek word astragalus. Shamans commonly used knucklebones for divining. Even now, dice as a divination method is called astragalomancy.

Dice as a divination tool has been authenticated, prior to recorded history, as far back as 8,000 years ago, among Hindu’s, Tibetan monks, African witch doctors, Egyptians, Romans and of course, gypsies. Fortune telling with dice does not enjoy immense popularity today, but Romany Gypsies are still known for prophesizing with dice.

Dice Fortune Telling is called Astragalomancy

Experts suggest that ivory or bone dice are quite responsive. However, if you have plastic dice, go ahead and use them.

There is a metaphysical adage to ‘divine short’, which fits the dice perfectly. Fortune telling with dice is simple and offers succinct answers, with scant need for clarification.

Dice Fortune Telling Tips

  • Never divine with dice on Monday or Wednesday. And it is considered bad juju to read the dice for the same person more than three times daily. 
  • Dice revel in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Merely hold a die and state the person’s question aloud. Toss the dice. Even numbers indicate ‘yes’; odd numbers signify ‘no’. Easy-peasy?
  • With three dice, you can receive insights and guidance about past, present and future events. Have the querent put their attention on a situation, which is happening in their life now. Cast three dice in a manner that lines them up in a row. The die on the left represents the past. An even number reveals circumstances leading to the current event were positive; odd number indicates it was negative. The center die symbolizes the now. An odd number portends the current condition is static, it won’t get worse; an even number suggests a positive final outcome.  

Ask the person whose fortune you’re telling with dice to state her current situation out loud. Then, throw the dice again, this time adding the number of dots. Like in Numerology, the idea is to always end up with a single digit number.

What are the meanings for dice fortune telling?

Here are meanings, which have been passed along orally for generations:

  1. Sadness
  2. Happiness
  3. Change in circumstances coming soon
  4. New romantic interest
  5. Surprising news fulfils your fancies
  6. Loss of something, probably financial, possibly relationship
  7. You will be trusted with a secret
  8. Three auspicious things will happen
  9. Business or love connection brings success, either true love or gambling

Even if you don’t have a psychic bone in your body, you can read spots on the dice. It’s a splendid party game. Better yet, dice fortune telling is just plain fun.

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