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Dream came true through other's eyes

by Laura

A couple of years ago I had a dream. I was in my aunt's house and walking to the window.

She has an apartment on the first floor, and as I looked outside it was dark and raining. An ambulance was parked halfway on the curb and the old lady from next door was being wheeled into the ambulance.

A couple days later I visited my aunt and told her what I had dreamed. She told me that it had actually happened on the same night I had my dream.

I later had another dream that was a lot more symbolic about the old lady in which she passed away. Later I found out that she had actually passed away around that same time.

The dreams have been the only instances something like this has happened and I did not really have any sort of tie with the old lady.

The dreams have been bothering me since, and I was just wondering what other people would have to say about this occurrence.

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