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Dream Of Origin

by Ruby
(Cordillera, Philippines)


My younger brother, 22 years old just died this April 2013 in a car accident. My mother is in prison and I'm working abroad as an IT professional. I have a cousin who is also working as an accountant in our country. In our place we bury our dead loved ones in our land properties. We believe that they guard the land and watch over us.


I dreamed last night that I was back in our old house, where I grew up until I was 7. Me, mom and my female cousin are in the house and I am discussing with them our plans to build a new house near the tomb of my brother, which is near the hospital and the school. In the scene, me and my cousin are going to enroll in a high school where I noticed my previous teacher in high school is teaching.

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Jul 02, 2013
I will try to help
by: Ms

Your dream takes place some place you are comfortable with. You are rebuilding your life, but don't want to forget your past and how you got there. It is to give you the resolve to know the right path. And to know you are doing the right thing where you are.

Your brother is in a transcending state and it takes a little while before they can show themselves. He was with you there and being there made you feel him.

Give him time it has been only a few months and he will gain power as time goes on. If you ever need him, just as you go to sleep tell him you need to see him and to visit your dreams. It is easier for him there.

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