Extreme Dreams

by Athena

In my dream I was led to a man’s house. I do not know who he is. All I remember seeing was he was a white man dressed in all black with all black eyes. I was led to this house as if I was supposed to be searching for something. I freaked out when he found me looking around so I grabbed a gun and ran.

As I was running through the house it kept getting darker. I finally made it out the house, the troubling thing is that the house next door had looked run-down compared to this man’s house I was in.

As I walked closer to the run down house a light came on in the basement of the house. I heard muffled voices as I got closer there was a woman screaming "don't kill me, please don't kill me" then her voice went silent.

The house was so creepy looking that it’s stuck in my head, as I was drifting away I started to feel sad, I wanted to help that woman but I thought I would die instead.

Then I woke up.

I'm 23 years old and I've always had weird dreams growing up, but now they're getting too extreme for me.

In another extreme dream, of War between Good and Evil, the sky was grey and the grass was brown. There was a war between angels and demons. I was on this shuttle bus with a group of people trying to leave the war, I started crying hysterically. Then a man came to my side and asked if I was ok and said you look like you need a hug, as I hugged him he whispered into my ear and I couldn't budge free.

Then I felt his fingertips go into my back, he said I want your soul do you know who I am? I’m the devil. I was then rescued by three angels that placed me high on a ledge away from the war, one of them then handed me a scroll to read they said when your safe then open it and read it.

I woke up scared out of my mind at that time I was three months pregnant. What does it mean?

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Nov 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

I had a dream of my father with black, dead eyes standing on the Grand Canyon. We were going thr next day. The moment we got home from Arizona, my dad fell and broke his foot and two ribs.

Aug 13, 2012
Same here
by: Anonymous

I have two dreams on here one is called Spooked By A Dream, weird guy black trench coat. He is still in my dreams though not often anymore. (This I am thankful for his eyes scared the crap out of me.) The other is Scrolling Message. Couldn't see the guys face or understand a word he was saying because he was talking too fast. I have still yet to determine the meaning of either dream. Hope you find your answers soon.

Jun 18, 2012
Dreamer of the dark man in the house of light
by: Abella

The house represents your current emotional/physical and spiritual condition. The house was well kept, you are in good condition spiritually, emotionally and physically. The second house represents your fears, tumble-down with danger in the basement...The man in the first house represents a part of you, you need to enclose yourself in an bubble of golden energy that no evil can comes through, confront the man in your dream and tell him he has no power over you and you are not afraid of him, you feel compassion for him. Let your spirit pour out love energy in his direction. He will shrink and dwindle down to nothing in front of you. He represents your fear and what you may be running from - a block in your emotions, an event that frightened you earlier in your life, or perhaps fears of the future, a transition you are worrying about, ...my senses tell me you have a block to creativity and the dark man represents your creative urges that are blocked. Sometimes to be creative is to be vulnerable, so we block it to keep our precious creativity safe, even pick up the imaginery gun to protect ourselves.... Maybe its time for you too see a psychologist and get to the bottom of it. Hope this helped...namaste (the God in me recognizes the God in you).

May 31, 2012
I have the same issue
by: Anonymous

I am also 23, and have been having the same type of dreams. The same man, but on occasion he will start off as something else and morph, or he will have green or red eyes. He's even come as a homeless crackhead, but his eyes are always the sane shape. He's never spoken to me in a language I can understand, or even identify. My dre hasams are so real that I have a difficult time differentiating from dream and reality. I have been killed many times in my dreams;i have even been eaten alive. The pain is so real, that even when I'm awake, my tolerance for pain has increased expinentionally.

Usually when I get dreams like yours it is followed by a big change, either personally or collectively. And the worse the dreams are, usually the change following is a negative one

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