For All Who Are Sensitive

by Sunhee Park
(NYC, S.C.)

I feel that I have to say this, as I see some people get anxiety, panic or feel that there is something seriously wrong with them. If you have any physical ailments, please know that mental stress contributes to the condition of them and the stagnation of the ailments. If you have a toothache, and you go and talk to your ex boyfriend who abused you, how is that going to help your healing progress? Well, as long as you see that your not getting better, try to write down all the things, people or places that don't really make you feel good, or bring a smile to your face. You want to heal, so why aren't you healing? Your giving to so many people, your are honest to your loved ones, your helping as much as possible, but your own ailments are still there. Well, rid the negativity, the people who don't appreciate you, block them from your personal circle. You can love from a distance, it wont make you a bad person or give you bad karma, because you do not want to get drained one more day.

Separate the things that make you feel good to bad, clean out the closet, change the house around, delete messages, don't visit social sites that do not care about you, or why give to someone who wont acknowledge your existence? You want to teach or heal, but don't you want to teach people who are willing to be students? Don't you want to see progress, and see the benefits of healing people who really accept your gifts, your love, your self worth? There is one thing to act out a past issue, and keep talking to people who are not on the same page as you. Yes its called empathy, but what good is that empathy doing for you? Are you getting the job that you want?, are you getting ahead in your bills? are you focused better? are you taking the long walk that you planned but cast it to the side, because you are depressed? Well, you know that you are the leader of your own path. No one is to blame, but if you keep doing something and its not working or getting results, then CHANGE IT. Actions have to match words have to match feelings have to match thoughts.

Be Self loving, then disburse your energy, be selfish and pamper yourself to gain more confidence and strength. Wearing others negative emotions or ailments of people who don't want to take care of themselves or change; will only drain you.

I am and will always be a giver, I will never change. But I will give to those who appreciate me, treat me with kindness, and respect me. If that is conditional, then so be it. But as a healer, I will be around only people who are on the same page as me and will include those who are in my circle of friends and family because we click and are on the same wavelength. This has to do with JOBS, business partners, family, friends , lovers. Every aspect of your life, and you will manifest your dreams, your goals, and will accomplish them with the Positive energy that you exude from LOVING yourself.

Love you all,


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May 15, 2013
Chinhee & Sunhee Park
by: CLA

I have been getting readings from Sunhee and Chinhee for a few years now and they're amazing! So on target - they can feel your energy and know exactly what's going on. What sets them apart from other experiences were the fact that it is clear that they care! So compassionate and thoughtful! I love them so! I have referred so many to them, especially now with their awesome site ! I have had a few try others on the site who also have given rave reviews. Sending Chinhee and Sunhee a big hug and thanks for everything! *positive shimmies*

May 09, 2013
Sunhee and Chinhee Park's ESPsychics!
by: Patti Negri

The Park Twins. Wow! The talent and ability of these two women is amazing... So it does not surprise me at all that they have created the best psychic network out there, gathering the best of the best under their ESPsychics name.

Their light, love of life, integrity and honesty - show in every aspect of what they do, and everyone they bring into their organization! I am honored to know them and be a part of their magical world!

xox Patti Negri

May 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

wow great information! thank you!!

May 24, 2010
Message for Sunhee
by: Rowan

I love what you said about healing.
I feel that this is true. is true.

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