Is The Twin Flame Soul Mate Love Of Your Life Out There?

I wasn't always considered a Twin Flame Soul Mate Expert. I began reading tarot at the age of 17, and discovered both a gift and a passion for helping others connect with guidance about their future, and deeper insight into their life through using my intuitive and psychic abilities in conjunction with the beautiful imagery of the tarot. 

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About ten years later, I first came upon the term "twin flame soul mate", and to be honest, I kind of pooh pooh'ed it. I already had my hands full studying about 'regular soulmates', and trying to navigate that loved-up maze for myself and my clients. 

Who needs to complicate things by adding twin flame soul mate to the mix? The term even sounded funny to me. Perhaps that attitude attracted my own big learning on the subject, because before I knew it, I was having a twin flame experience of my own. After reading every book and article I could find on the matter, and being left with even more questions and confusion, I began consulting my own spirit guide frequently in my meditations and automatic writing. 

Finding Your Twin Flame Soul Mate Relationship

Finding The Spark Of Twin Flame Soul Mate Partners

I was surprised and delighted to learn that we are all created with a complementary energy, a spiritual partner who is a near perfect energetic match. This explains why we are so interested and sometimes obsessive over our relationships, because we were literally BORN in a relationship with another. Many schools of thoughts, myths, and philosophies have described the 'separation' or splitting of the whole us into two halves, where we spend the rest of our time trying to unite with our other half. Since I want to keep things practical, I'll skip to what that means for us in the here and now. You may be gliding along your life, and one day you meet someone with whom you feel an unusual or extraordinary degree of 'spark', passion, and a deep sense of comfort or coming home. Well congratulations, you have just connected with the 'energy' of your twin flame soul mate. 

However, one thing I learned about finding your twin flame soul mate is, not everybody who momentarily embodies our beloved twin IS the one. My guide says that our twin, our true love or ultimate beloved, is first and foremost (like ourselves) a spirit. At times we meet a person, perhaps a soulmate, who momentarily can hold the energy of our twin, and then things may go sour or change. Once we have worked on our own growth enough to achieve a certain level of evolution, we are ready to enter a full relationship in which we can experience our twin on a permanent basis. The person with whom we enter into this blessed union is thought of as the twin flame soul mate, or "The One" in popular culture. I like to think of it as the twin flame incarnate. 

There is much more that can be said about soul mates and twin flames and the sometimes arduous journey of love. I'll save that for another time, but will finish today by saying cherish the glimpses you get of a twin flame union, no matter who is giving you that taste or glimpse, because it is a sign that you have a wonderful twin relationship in your future, so persevere and keep growing towards it! 

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Guest post by Psychic Saaqi

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Saaqi is a Spiritual guide, writer/blogger, and 3rd generation intuitive, tarot master, and soulmate expert.

She was named at birth after the Saaqi, a being who is revered in the East as a Spiritual muse to poets and seekers alike, who is responsible for dispensing inspiration and wisdom to those who call on her.

Saaqi has been giving professional readings via the Keen Psychic Network since 2007. She has accurately predicted collective events such as the results to the last several presidential elections and has been featured on the radio. 

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Very Good Info - by: Sam
Very informative Saaqi. Another chapter in the book of life which we travel daily. Amazing how what you've written about twin flame soul mates happens very often .

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