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Free Dream Interpretations

Together, let’s use my free dream interpretations to work out the psychic messages within them.

"Dreams - our deeper self talking to ourself" - Carl Jung

Why seek free dream interpretations? If you recognize dreams as messages – psychic messages - you will no doubt want to understand their meanings. I think it’s always best to form your own interpretations to your dreams but sometimes we can’t see the trees (with the mystery messages inscribed) for the forest.

Everybody dreams, every night (or every day if you are a night worker). Experts say we dream between and hour to an hour and a half per night. Dream states are recognized by REM sleep. (Rapid Eye Movement). Experts also claim that dreaming is so essential that if we did not dream at all we would eventually die from a lack of it.

Free Dream Interpretations

As we go to sleep our brain wave frequency drops from Beta (21 CPS - cycles per second) down to Alpha (14 to 7 CPS). Alpha is when we enter REM sleep and we are dreaming when our eyelids, although closed, move rapidly. We then drop down (brain waves slow down) to Theta (7 to 4 CPR), experiencing deeper sleep and lucid dreaming states. Then on down to Delta (3 to 1 CPS) where our conscious and sub-conscious pretty much shuts down altogether and our body rests deeply. We then cycle back up through the levels, dreaming through the Alpha level REM and then we drop back down again. Through a nights sleep we cycle through these levels about three or four times. Often the dreams we most remember are from our last time up through Alpha into waking consciousness of Beta. Read more on the Alpha Mind State

Theories abound on what dreams are. It is recognized that dreaming is a normal process of subconscious sorting of the days events and experiences. Dreaming is a healthy process. I believe that dreaming can also be a gateway to our psychic selves. Some dreams can be psychic messages and it’s these psychic messages I hope to be able to help you understand and benefit from. Psychic messages are found in dreams at Alpha occasionally, but in particular in the merger between Alpha and Theta, 7.8CPS the heartbeat of the Earth – Gaia. (The Schumann Resonance.) I want to help you look into your dreams and work out the psychic messages within them.

Each week I had offered some dream interpretations. Dreamers completed the form below and provided a detailed description of their dream. Unfortunately I am unable to accept more free dream interpretations that way. BUT our newer dream meanings project is open and this makes it much easier for all involved.

You can enter a dream you feel contains a psychic message. Be as concise about your dream as you can. When your’s is selected it is posted to this website so that others may offer interpretations. Reading similar dreams to yours can provide some insight also.

I ultimately want to encourage you to discover your psychic messages yourself.

Understanding your psychic insight may be assisted by archetypal dream signs in dream dictionaries, but dream dictionaries do not provide psychic insight. What YOU think and feel about these dream meanings is paramount.

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