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Giving Birth but Child Taken Away. Recurring Theme

by Raj
(England )

Can you interpret this dream?

Can you interpret this dream?

When I was around 15-16 I had recurring dreams of miscarriages in different situations. I'm 21 now and I've not had those dreams for a while.

But recently I had dream that I gave birth this time. There was a doctor and nurse present. In my old dreams sometimes nobody was there.

This time round I'm in a hospital and I've given birth. But there's some problem with my health, I think I can't breastfeed. So they take my back for it to rest, they're not crying or distressed they're quiet and calm.

Then I'm home but my baby is still in the hospital as I can't take them home just yet and I'm feeling anxious thinking I need to be with my baby but I'm with family because it's someone's birthday.

I find it interesting that I've miscarriage dreams and this time I've given birth. Does it mean anything?

Thank you

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Jul 13, 2017
Dream Interpretation
by: John Scarano

Raj -

Your dream sounds like Karmic Shadow. You are most likely dreaming about a past life experience. I suggest that you see a Past Life Regression Therapist in order to more fully explore your past life experience. You may have a chance here to clear some Karmic Debt.


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