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Golden Empath

by Joan
(Rockland, MA, USA)

I am now at what should be my golden years, but a few years ago I thought at first I had CFS and fibromyalgia. But more things began to change. I realized I was an empath. On all tests I am a Universal. It was not that strange things did not happen years ago, for even at a toddler age, I would see a brown whirlwind above me before bed and know I would have some weird out dream. Even before I could talk I remember being ill a few times and my Dad giving me a chocolate bottle or a chocolate bar. I ate it, thinking he was so nice to do that, but I did not like chocolate. Childhood was fairly normal. I was restricted though now from certain events like when being pregnant my Mom would not allow me to go to a wake of my Uncle's. My dad kept me away from anything psychic just saying it is against our religion.

I can remember as a teen having a very bad diagnosis and went to a very special clinic well known for their top notched Doctors. I saw so many different Dr's. I even saw the psychiatrist there for one visit. I just remember him telling my parents, she is different her sensitivity is very high. These words I should not of heard. They begged me to go into the hospital for treatment, I refused. The next batch of blood work was different. I still had to build myself up, but in no way was it a disease now curable then not so.

Then I had children. My Mom passed. That is when we all recognized things happening. Like toys flying in the air. The bright light trying to engulf me. So we all became a bit frightened of these first things we think of us demons. But now I know it is far from the truth. For some reason when I saw a light on my wall change into a circle spinning toward me in bed. I saw my one and a half year old Golden Retriever jump up on to it to snap it like trying to catch a fly. To me it looked like cut up paper. That is when I knew what I was hearing, and starting to see was not any demon like entity and it was not my imagination. My pup saw what I heard and she even makes me alert to things I should look at. When pictures started to fly off my walls not at once I knew some energy was doing this.

I cannot wear a watch, I stop them. I used to think I would internally combust with the electricity high within me. Then a voice I heard one sentence, to call a relative they were dying. I did call that night but it was not until three days later they were taken to the hospital. All testing showed cancer that had spread everywhere. She was basically with hospice not even a week when she passed. I just kept on asking myself why at my age retired from nursing early. Now if I see that dark marking on the wall, I spin my finger and I created a paper whirlwind. Again my pup jumped up, but this time I just said it's me. She just let it happen. I took a picture of a mist I saw. On editing it on my cell phone it turned into like a video taken. I asked my husband look there are people here look at the bird flying back and forth. Not realizing for some reason it was like my eye lashes when I blinked that was the bird. It looked like my home but something was different. A window appeared next to my front door and I watched a woman my age in jeans going out it. I then another time edited that picture and noticed a reddish hue which looked like a sheer curtain. Then I noticed the picture on my wall, which my husband seen as a dog, but it was not a picture of my passed dogs there. Then I noticed a window above my hallway stairs. It was white. My husband said that is the bathroom window. I said look where you are looking. He gets nervous of these new things happening to me.

What really made me feel better was just looking online and Albert Einstein's beliefs showed up. It was his beliefs of Empaths. His belief was it is always with you, but not til later in life do you start to feel it and your DNA changes. It no longer frightens me, for when I took it head on it was like some of the things that happened and I could go on and on was a boot to awaken to who I am. I have a tape I took for when I got so fatigued, I was scheduled for 3 sleep studies. I just wanted to see if I snore. I had a dream, almost semi-conscious that there were people in the house and the woman sitting over on the loveseat came up to put her hands around my throat. I thought dreaming hurry up wake up. I was alone that evening. Everything shut off. The next morning the tape was still going. I played it back. What I heard to me was a nightmare. I sent that tape to a paranormal expert of 34 years. She was a bit baffled, but was advised by another to tell me not to tape or do evps. It was like I was a magnet. She first said maybe automatic electrical voices. Then said live. But said put it behind me and enjoy my grandchildren. I know what I said is not much for there is so much to tell. I now met a minister of a non-denomination; I told her mostly all that happened recently. Yes, I am an Empath. She told me I was sent to her for I am a lightworker also. I took a meditation course of hers. I am enrolled in a certification program to read Angel Cards and get some more insight of me. I then plan to attend her class of the Souls Journey.

I do not always hear or see visions either. I am just an ordinary older woman like anyone else. Except even going to a wake or funeral puts me out in bed for at least 3 days. I pick up on other emotions, literally. I always wondered why all these years all my friends called me with their problems and in stores I meet at least 3 people and they tell me their life’s story. They feel better after, me I feel like a truck hit me. I know one thing though when we pass our bodies might disintegrate, but not our energy, atoms or whatever we have. I go by the Golden Rule in Life. Respect all that is living even our trees for we are not the only important things created in this planet. Another time will type more specifics. Most like to hear scary tales and paranormal events. I have plenty of them too. Like of spiders, left here by one of my granddaughter. This is not your normal spider either. It had dark brown locks and big caring eyes. I think I scared him or her away. Looks were changed to please me as she huddled behind something not to frighten me. That is for another time.

Blessings to All, Light to All, Love to All, and may We All Finally End our differences and End our Wars.

Will find out how to send pictures too for you all.


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Jan 13, 2017
Comment on Request
by: Joan

Notify me at (I had no clue I was online)

Jan 13, 2017
Golden Empath Readings
by: Joan

If you want a reading notify me by email. I have never made one cent on any reading I have ever done. I did not know this was even on here. I have so many problems with people getting ripped off. Being an Empaths brings son much pain at times and you name it so many illnesses with it.Sure I can help heal at times, but in no way take the place of Dr's. I will give you my email. I am so sorry. I never knew this was on here. I will read you the first time free. I had lot of losses in my life and for I felt one step behind another. No one will know it all. The more I know the less I begin to have to try to understand. I now am trying to help my granddaughter who is having nightmares and site is disturbing to her. For those who are beacons need to help others with this. They then deny their path. And all Hell may break out. So knowledge is the best thing to know. To be gifted some say curse and try to hide, but if you do it follows you to you may even think the Big BD ONE IS AT YOUR HOME. Why me, I now know why too. I see ghost seekers getting big money on tv I was offered did not answer any. Now I have suffered so many losses in my life and need to get a temporary treatment. With greed so bad cash is the only way I can go. So you email me. I know and am so sorry it has been since 2014. I did not even know this was online. To the one who says that there is physics and science that is accurate. You are so wrong. A caterpillar to a butterfly no change in DNA please as a lot of the minds in this earth. Look beyond there is nothing exact. For it is not me that says this it is such a higher power that sends us this message. If you go far enough into space there is no rules. Me, I went to school to be a medical Dr. and alone I traveled and I was threatened so many times for there is prejudiced out there. No I am not black. I do not care if you are purple I hold no prejudice we are one. Ghost hunters yes I wanted a link and offered jobs and online psychics to call no. I see a voice say HELP then I see OMG got a message there is an afterlife. The HELP was just ignored. I looked pics from a site that ghost hunts too. One was a very old cemetery and had my grandson look at it to see if I was seeing things. Very unusual 2 see the same but I feel genetics.So I have suffered so many losses too and will not charge free first reading then anything you can donate.

Nov 15, 2012
by: A Friend

I have heard of these people getting ripped off all of a sudden everyone is psychic. It by now means is an easy life no we can not read your thoughts or mind. For but a few, we have been given bad names they want to change our psychic gifts to intuitive. I find anyone that is a fraud should be treated as such. They should be arrested like any other fraud. I know for sure The GOlden Empath personally. She was born with gifts, but did not awaken til later. She is to start her own site. She in my opinion is one of the most honest individuals I have ever known also. Her gifts are real. She has got so many now, she sometimes needs to research to understand what is expected of her. So when she gets her site going I tell all go there get a real honest reading. A friend from the past

Aug 28, 2012
Would like a reading from Golden Empath
by: Anonymous

I have heard about empaths before but after reading this page I can understand it. I am wondering if this person does private readings for you. I am younger than her, but have suffered some of the same symptoms. I would gladly pay her for a session. I have seen so many saying they are psychics online, but you always wonder if they just do it for money. This the Golden Empath I feel is the real thing. Can you get me in touch with her for a reading?

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