Psychometry Is Your Psychic Ability To Read Objects

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What is Psychometry? “Cross my palm with silver” was a request from ancient fortune tellers. It had a two-fold purpose. Of course, the fortune teller wanted upfront payment. But it also provided them with an opportunity to pick up information from the silver the person had been carrying in their pocket. A psychometry reading is a form of divination for tuning into the psychic energy that is adhering to physical objects. Solid materials, especially precious metals, attract and retain energy longer than loosely made materials such as a blouse or hat.

We are continuously radiating energy and jewellery, such as a gold ring or watch worn next to the skin for a long time, accumulates that energy and the item becomes imprinted with our thoughts and emotions. Impressions are stronger during times our energy is in flux. Psychometrists receive clearer images of weddings, funerals, childbirths, and other occasions where the owner’s emotions would have been heightened. This means that if you are sensitive to psychic energy, you can learn a great deal about the owner’s life story by holding the object. In essence, an inanimate object links your mind with that of its previous wearer.

Know About Psychometry

How you ‘see’ through touch will depend upon your primary way of gathering and interpreting extra sensory data. If you are clairvoyant, you might see a series of little technicolor vignettes about the person’s life. You will feel you are present, but as an observer. We would usually say a person is Clairsentient when performing Psychometry.

How To Do Psychometry

You’ve long believed you would make a marvelous psychic, if only you knew where to start. Psychometry is the quickest and easiest way to gauge your latent psychic abilities.

No mapping complicated charts like in astrology, no extensive memorization as is required for Tarot card readings. All you need is an object belonging to someone else (preferably a person you don’t know) and you’re good to go - Almost!

This is a clairsentient divining method where we can receive energetic impressions of another person, from holding or touching an object belonging to them. To better understand how to learn psychometry try comparing object reading to how search and rescue dogs work. Using their highly developed sense of smell, they find people by sniffing an object belonging to the missing person and tracking their scent.  

In this practice, we use our Clairsentience to find information about people. Insights may come in the form of scents, sounds, images or taste. Emotions are frequently the clearest energy radiating from the object, i.e. fear, hate, love. 

Preparation for Reading the Energy of Objects

Different teachers teach different methodologies. For example, some provide a sample list of questions to ask the object. Others, advocate getting in a trance state prior to reading.

My contention is the more “must-do’s”, the less fun you’ll have. Getting nervous about doing it “right” will also affect your accuracy level.

Objects for Readings

Objects worn next to the skin, retain the strongest psychic imprints. Watches, rings and necklaces are best. Some metaphysical teachers suggest a picture of the departed subject will work when jewelry is not available.

Photos may be suitable for the advanced student, but pictures do not accumulate psychic energies. Therefore, the reader must know how to tap into higher dimensions for “help”. In the beginning, it’s best to stick to personal objects.

The Psychometry Technique

  • Take the object in your hand, close your eyes and relax.
  • Don’t “try” to see anything. Just make yourself ready and willing to “see”.
  • At first, newbies may receive blurry images, slight sounds, symbols or sense emotions. You could literally see colored rings around the object. These rings are the aura of the object, which is lingering energy of the owner.
  • Check with the person who brought you the object to confirm your hits and misses.

Don’t be concerned about what you do or do not see or sense. Just understand you are getting acclimated to how it feels to sense energy. Many have the gift but few put in the effort to really excel at psychometry. Keep practicing! 

Comments About Psychometry Reading

Psychometry Reading

Psychometry Reading Can Unlock Magic Doorways To The Past - by C S Sharp

Some call it token-object reading but in the psychic realms  psychometry is the more widely accepted terminology. This psychic ability isn’t “So-called” or “Hypothetical” or “Some people believe” as I’ve read. It’s as real as a heart attack!

My experience of performing Psychometry Readings has led me to believe that there are energetic  threads of varying intensities that attach to an object over a period of time. A good example of this would be a mother and her child. There is a connection between them, a thread. The stronger the connection the thicker the thread. When the connection is strong, a mother can know when her child is injured or in danger at any distance. Her intuition sends her a message. This phenomenon is well documented. 

What is it like to do a psychometry reading?  Few words can describe it accurately, but I’ll try. “I close my eyes and step out of my body and into the drift, the space between consciousness and the collective unconscious. Time and distance have no meaning in the drift, then is now and here is there. The senses of your body are turned inside out. Sound is sight and smell is touch. The moment you can adapt to these conditions, all will be revealed to you.” 

C S Sharp

C S Sharp is a practitioner of psychometry readings

"After half a century I've learned that there is still mystery to be found in this life as long as you're not afraid to be wrong sometimes and admit it."

I've added a link to some of my work, check it out and thanks for taking the time to read my work. One of the things I use psychometry for is looking for missing people. I do this by concentrating on a picture of the missing person and images appear in my mind.

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