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How To Ground Your Chakras: Reconnecting with Earth's Energy

Learn how to ground your chakras with this exercise and you will keep your etheric body sound, restore your link with the Earth, and strengthen your psychic awareness.  It can also provide protection and healing to your aura and physical body. 

When you know how to ground your chakras you can easily expel unwanted or excess energy from anger, anxiety, stress, trauma and even static charge from other people, cars, and equipment. The concept is akin to grounding a house of excess electrical charge with a grounding wire.

When grounded, you establish healthy energy boundaries for your aura and physical body, ensuring you remain anchored in the present moment and connected with your physical surroundings. This act of "earthing" links your energy with the Earth's core through your chakras, making you feel centered and grounded.

Learn How To Ground Your Chakras

The Importance of Grounding Your Chakras

Chakras are one of the basic elements of spiritual structure in the body.  They specifically affect our consciousness, health, and wellness. When Chakras are clear they are healthy and if they are blocked they are dark and murky.  

While following any psychic development regime it is good to practice daily the grounding of each Chakra, one at a time at first. After several weeks, you may try psychic grounding every few days. However, always be sure to give yourself time at least one time each week, most professional psychics would recommend this.

Balance your root chakra to begin with. Sit in a comfortable position on the ground or in a chair with your feet touching the ground. Work on calming your mind and envisioning your body growing tree branches from your legs that extend down deep into the earth.  Imagine these branches reaching the core and connecting.  

Through this connection, the earth allows the acceptance of ourselves and sends back grounded energy to fill us up. These energies will travel up our feet and through the first chakra into each of our 8 Chakras. As this energy passes, imagine a wheel turning and activating the associated emotional response.  

  • 8th is the Viyapini Chakra / Soul Star Chakra - Ascending - White
  • 7th is the Sahasrara Chakra / Crown Chakra – Understanding - Violet
  • 6th is the Ajna Chakra / Third Eye Chakra - Seeing - Purple
  • 5th is the Vishudda Chakra / Throat Chakra - Communication - Blue
  • 4th is the Anahata Chakra / Heart Chakra - Love - Compassion - Green
  • 3rd is the Manipura Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra – Gut Feelings - Empowering - Yellow
  • 2nd is the Svadhishthana Chakra / Sacral Chakra – Relationships - Creativity - Orange
  • 1st is the Muladhara Chakra / Root Chakra – Foundation - Stability - Grounding - Red  

Once you have given each of these 8 Chakras your thoughts, and grounded them through this rooting process, you can imagine a warm golden sun beaming upon you. This warms you up with healing energy. Feel this energy pulse through every inch of your body.  Slowly feel the sun fade away and then feel your roots slowly let go. 

Always follow up a grounding with light stretches and slow movements. Burning aromatherapy essential oils such as sandalwood or frankincense has been known to work well to keep yourself in the present moment and promote more healing.  Just remember knowing how to ground your chakras is important so practice this exercise often.  It is essential if you are a psychic or tarot reader to keep yourself cleansed and grounded before and after each sitting.  

How To Ground Your Chakras For Earthing Your Psychic Energy CentersHow To Ground Your Chakras And Earth Your Psychic Energy Centers

Chakra Grounding Meditation

This Chakra Grounding Meditation can help to strengthen weak chakras and will benefit your health, wisdom and happiness. I always perform a meditation like this before commencing my psychic work because it recharges my body, mind and spirit bringing greater clarity to my readings.

In any event this chakra grounding meditation is an excellent way to revitalize yourself from the root energy center of your being. Your chakras will be left more in balance at the end of the meditation than they were when you started!

How to perform a chakra meditation:

If you prefer to have an expert to guide you try this Chakra Induction Hypnosis Script. While it is intended for hypnotherapists to use with their clients who are interested in crystal healing, yoga, meditation, and spiritual matters it can assist you in balancing your Chakras in a skilled way.

Start your meditation in a quiet, dimly lit, room by sitting down with legs crossed like in the popular yoga poses. If that makes you feel out of balance just sit upright with feet apart. Make sure that your spine is straight, but not stiff. Close your eyes then take a deep breath and start to relax. 

Then visualize a line of energy starting at the crown, running down through all chakra vortexes, shooting down through your root chakra, legs, feet, and down into the Earth to the very core of the planet. At this point you are grounding your root chakra.

Now, go through each chakra in turn, starting with the red root chakra located at the base of your spine: 

  • Imagine that you are drawing energy up from the earth, through and balancing your root chakra and that this is building up in the base of the spine.

  • Then the orange navel chakra: feel the concentration of energy building up around your navel and visualize a flow of warm lava out of this chakra center.

  • Moving on to the yellow solar plexus chakra, let your stomach muscles relax deeply and sense the movement of the energy through your diaphragm.

  • Next is the green heart chakra. Imagine your heart getting stronger with every breath. See and feel a bright light radiating out from this area.

  • Progressing on to the blue throat chakra, breath in with force. Then gradually relax your tongue, shoulders, and neck.

  • For the purple brow chakra, keeping your eyes closed, focus on your “third eye” (the point between your eyebrows). Endeavor to see this area even though your eyes are close and observe what you are seeing.

  • Next, it’s the violet crown chakra. Visualize a beautiful lotus with a thousand petals blossoming from the tip of your head. As you visualize, see the color change from a deep violet through to a brilliantly bright violet light.

  • Finally, the white soul star chakra. Experience the opening of the bridge between the human world and the spiritual realms by visualizing a column of white light crystals coming down from above and filling your body and auric field.

Each time I meditate like this I also like to envision receiving energy in the color of the chakra on my inhale, and I visualise myself radiating energy in the color of the chakra on my exhale. 

By dedicating time and attention to grounding your chakras, you foster a harmonious connection between your physical and spiritual worlds. Regular practice can be transformative, offering clarity, peace, and profound inner strength.

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