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Green Cursive Scripts Dream

by Atreyu Finley
(Pearl Harbor Hawaii)

So today I got off watch and hit the rack. I woke up at 430. This was a two part dream but I don't remember the first part now.

But I do recall that I was fighting to wake up. I could feel myself moving and breathing trying to wake up (I have had these trance like dreams or dead silence zone moments where I am wake and can only move my eyes but I can't move, hear, or speak. 1-2 mins later my senses return).

So I fight and I guess I scream in my dream. Then I proceed to a second dream where I'm trying to scare a big fish with a stick I have but I can't hit the water. So it gets closer then I start drowning in like two feet of water. I can again feel myself struggling to get free to the surface and I hear myself breathing. I wake up surrounded in green cursive like scripts and I can't understand any of it.

So I wipe my glasses it starts fading. I grab my phone it starts fading then I get up. I go and use the bathroom then come back to take a picture but it's gone.

I have had an encounter with the paranormal and I'm not religious. Last year in December seven people confirmed a hand print of a skeleton in my room.

I'm very curious as a few comments say it's a gift others still are confused. I'd like some insight. I'm in Pearl Harbor Hawaii and this happened on the water front.

Three weeks later I heisted to go to sleep in the same rack. Nothing happened. I'll see Tuesday night
If you live here let me know and let's get together and talk about this.

- Atreyu Finley

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Sep 10, 2014
It JUST happened to me
by: Rick

I use a lot of baby powder; this morning I was in a rush. I used a TON of it and made a mess. When I got home, there was this print. I've spent 2 hours trying to figure out just what could have made this print... only ONE thing can I think of, and even my room-mate confirms that it looks like the left hand hand print of a skeleton. I have pictures... it's DANG strange... and a LOT errie. btw... its 9/10/2014 today. (It's considerably smaller than my hand, and I have very fat fingers and toes. I tried to duplicate it with my shoes--no go. It looks JUST LIKE a skeleton...)

Aug 09, 2013
Great news
by: Ms.Starr

I am pleased you are to see your doctor about your sleep. I wish you the best.

Aug 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

I literally just woke up 30mins ago.. I went down about 1030... I did sleep on my side. But I'm still getting poor sleep I will talk to my doc tomorrow. Thanks for the help!!

Aug 05, 2013
Your Dream
by: Ms.Starr

What I think is happening is not a dream. It is out of body experience. I think you should see your doctor, because I think you have sleep apnea. What happens while you sleep you stop breathing and you leave your body, so you feel the pull and try to wake. But being outside of your body you can't wake up.

I know first hand what that is like because it happened to me. I had time and time again then one day I fell into a coma and almost died. I left my body and went to heaven.

I could tell you the whole story but it is too long. So please get tested and see you doctor. As for the second part it was a dream. It was telling you that you need to control what is there in front of you. The fish is you as you feel yourself leaving the plain of humanity. When you begin to feel like you are drowning, you are fighting to get back. You really need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

In the mean time sleep on your side at night. This should help a little until you see the doctor.

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