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Gross Dream Of Fiancé

by Jennifer

I was standing in a room with my daughter, she is two. In front of us was my fiancé (her father). He was standing in this room with another person (unknown) facing toward me and her. The unknown individual then took their hand, gripped Ryan’s (my fiancé)arm tightly while moving down his arm. When they did this... A sludgy mucus greyish substance came out of the pores in his skin and his arm. I was repulsed and my daughter and I ran fast to the bathroom to throw up. She threw up first; it was dark green, the color of spinach. Then I tried to throw up and was gagging over the toilet, then I woke up.

He and I have not been getting along, and going my own way is on my mind. Please let me know what the dream means. It grossed me out so much that I lost my appetite all day. Yuck!

Can you interpret this dream?

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