History about Psychics

by Psychic Lucy
(St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)

Year 1890 – “Step right up, children of all ages! Come in and have your head read!”

Yes, life as a psychic back then was all about the show. You were featured with ten sequential acts under one tent. Being a person with special natural abilities and trained skill, you fell into the same category as the pain proof man, block head and geeks; who made their living biting the heads off snakes and chickens.

Your label was a ‘working act’ this allowed you to stand out from the bearded lady, alligator boy and other abnormal freaks you shared the stage with. You were the pop-star of your day, to quote the Circus memoirs of George Middleton, “It is a showman's place to supply what the public wants and we found they always liked a fortune teller. We usually kept one for the ladies so they could visit her and be told the good, bad and indifferent of what was to happen, etc.`` Circus life however was not one of luxury, to have a job meant traveling through the country, living in small dark back rooms or garrets.

Today our reputation has somewhat improved at the very least our lifestyle. We have the ability to heal and predict the future, but I feel that the mystery of the psychic has been somewhat lost. Today’s showmanship is replaced by computer chat screen and emails. It is time to go back to our grassroots and use our abilities to bring friends and family together and Entertain.

For your next ladies night, Halloween party or any event where you would like to make an impression, hire a Psychic and experience the true magic that we have to offer.

Psychic Lucy

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