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How To Have A Seance And Safely Get The Other Side Talking To You

What Is A Séance?

  • A seance is a gathering or ritualistic session where we attempt to communicate with spirits or entities from the spiritual realm facilitated by a psychic medium. Through tools like a Ouija board, a dowsing pendulum, or simply through meditation and focused intention, we can also learn how to have a seance and connect with the spirit world independently to receive messages, guidance, or insights.

If you want to have a seance party that will really work, you will need a good psychic to act as a medium to communicate with spirits. Communication with deceased entities has always fascinated us. Some people who believe they needed to say things that didn’t get said before a loved one crossed over need closure. But, for the most part, we are downright curious to know what the spirit world is like.

So, Let's Get Metaphysical: Grab-up a psychic and learn how to have a session of your own. Whether you want to one-up your circle of friends or just get into the mystic, a séance party rocks it.

How Do You Conduct A Séance?

You might even get your 15-minute claim to fame, like the “Official Houdini Séance” [theofficialhoudiniseance.com]. Each year, on the month and date of Houdini’s death (Halloween) - October 31, 1926 - an official séance to contact the spirit world is held in his honor.

Houdini has been known to investigate claims of contact with the spirit world for 30 years, without finding even one authentic instance. But he did promise his wife he would establish a connection with her, if at all possible. To date, there are no recorded ‘conversations’ with Houdini during séances or by other paranormal means.

I mentioned this because trying to contact loved ones who have transitioned can make for a solemn party. But, summoning famous people from the other side can be lighthearted and often, downright hysterical. Think Elvis, Michael Landon, The Three Stooges, Marilyn Monroe, US Presidents and so on.

How To Have A Seance Safely

A safe spiritual séance party needs a real medium, sane sitters, and an ambient setting.

The presence of a skilled psychic medium will enhance the experience by serving as a conduit between the physical and spiritual realms, providing more clarity and interpretation of the messages received.

The spiritual psychic is able to channel different deceased spirits. If you don’t know one personally visit the metaphysical bookstores in your area. They may be able to put you in touch with a marvelous medium. Alternatively, you can explore some of the large psychic portals on the internet to locate a good medium who would be willing to conduct a séance via a Zoom or Skype video link to your party. You do not want a lot of people however if you have a group of ten or more sitters you can divide the medium’s cost per minute fee between you and have a very economical event.

It’s best to choose a quiet space with as few interruptions as possible. Generally, all the guests are called ‘sitters’. The ‘key’ for creating the right atmosphere is that each sitter must want to be there. Either seat guests around a round table or in a circle on the floor and then you will want to invite people to join hands. For about 10 minutes, it’s best to ask all the sitters to get comfortable and focus on deep breathing. Have soft background music playing. You will want a few candles and ritual supplies to help attain the best energy of the séance.

Learn how to have a seance party in your own home.Learn how to have a seance party in your own home.

OK let's experience a seance: Turn out the lights. Candlelight entices the spirits and gives off enough light to see each other. Burn incense if desired. Turn the séance over to your psychic, who will instruct the group to concentrate on spirits they want to contact. The medium summons spirits to join the séance. He/she may use metaphysical tool such as a Ouija board or a pendulum. If they ask the spirit board in the center of the table, the entities may not answer or may answer but communicate nonsense and refuse to answer questions about the sweet hereafter. Some mediums will go into a trance state and channel spirits directly. Keep in mind that when someone comes through, you’ll have the chance to ask your questions for the spirit world.

Sit in the silence. Release all expectations. Something important to know is that in a real seance it is not possible to attract mean-spirited spirits. There is only love and light across the veil, and even if a person was nasty in life, they are in love and light once passed. (contrary to what the people manipulating organizations may teach). In the case of anything negative happening, you should know it is the active imagination of a person in your group that is at play. Politely invite them to leave. It they refuse, the medium should abruptly end the séance.

When the host medium is ready to end the seance, they will thank any spirits or energies that participated and close the session with a closing ritual or prayer. It is a good practice to ground yourself by taking deep breaths and reconnecting with your surroundings.

The after seance party. Make sure you have the psychic medium entertain every question for everyone they can and clear up any personal confusions.

Take time to reflect on the experience afterward. What insights or messages did you receive? How did the seance make you feel? Journaling about your experience can help you process and integrate any information gained.

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How To Have A Seance Using A Ouija Board

Ouija Board Séance

When you conduct your own Ouija Board Séance it’s best to just ask simple questions for the spirit world. Make time for ghosts to speak a word or two by slowly moving your hands on the planchette. When you feel an energy taking over the ghost should identify itself with a real name being spelled out.

Ouija Board Séance Warning: If you think you have connected with a dark energy because you are spelling out junk, know that you do not have a séance in a place. You’re not talking to the dead, but just bringing out human fears and superstitions from the session participants. Click here for a guide to asking the spirit board properly.

How To Have A Seance Using a Dowsing Pendulum

If you want to hold a solo pendulum seance start by creating a serene atmosphere with soft lighting and calming music. Clear your mind and set positive intentions for the session. Hold a dowsing pendulum lightly between your thumb and forefinger, allowing it to swing freely. Focus on your question or intention, and observe the movement of the pendulum. Trust your intuition as you interpret its movements, which can signify yes, no, or maybe. Invite benevolent spirits to join you, offering love and gratitude. Remember, this is a tool to access your inner wisdom and the spirit energies around you. Be open hearted with a sense of wonder, knowing that you are surrounded by love and support from the spiritual realm.

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