Ignited Premonition

by Ceci
(Kansas City)

I had been dating this guy for six months and spent a lot of time at his apartment. I got really comfortable in his apartment. One day I was lying in bed at his apartment just zoning out but also thinking in my own little world. I thought about random stuff, like what if there was a fire in the apartment figuring out if the place got burn down it would start at a certain corner. And most likely the restroom would be safe spot! Even creating escape routes if anything like that would happen.

It went on for three months of me thinking I am just overthinking! Before I would go to work I would check all appliances and make sure everything was turned off. I even thought of changing the apartment around to have good flow of energy. The very last day I told him that it's not good to live on bottom level of apartment cause I felt that the energy upstairs was too heavy and pushing downward! I told him next time don't live on bottom floor.

And so that day I went home and slept at my house because he went out that night and ended up sleeping at his friend’s house. Something he usually would not do! All that night while sleeping at my house I tossed and turned a lot. I was feeling hot flashes all night like I was burning up, like something was wrong, but I wasn't sure.

Next morning I woke up and called him and was wondering why he didn’t pick up my call. So I drove to his apartment because I was worried as he always picks up my calls. When I got to his apartment I was freaked out to find it was burnt from the top floor through the second floor to his apartment too! Eventually he called me and told me that he is alive and that he was not home when it burn down.

I tried to talk to him but he started thinking a lot about all the things I told him about bad Feng Shui. So since then I’ve freaked myself out and really haven’t tried to use my intuition. It's been almost a year since the fire. I’m still trying to figure if I should believe myself again because I am afraid of bad things happening.

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May 03, 2012
Listen to your intuition!;)
by: Indigo adult seer

Have you ever stopped to think that You may have saved your boyfriends life? You saw somethig comming and reacted to it! Which may have set things in motion which changed the forseeable future.

I've learned with my own abilities, to "know when something is wrong, to listen to it. If i did'nt listen to what feeling what ever it is or was, then something "Bad would happen! Even though I dont allways know what would happen.

But you, my dear, have seen the Enevatable fire and changed yours and more likely your boyfriends future! So dont be afraid of it. Manafest your abilities to, not make it happen but take these as signs of sometimes the enevatable.

Take note:If it feels wrong, then do not meditate on what you would do but perhaps "how can I change it?" Or do just as you did and get you and who you care about out of its way.

Dunno if this who you believe in or what but I always pray to God about things i am uncertain of, sometimes asking if He could just give an extra blessing to those who need him. An extra blessing to you and yours and may your path be a blessing to all.

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