In Person Psychic Readings: Are They Better?

by Rev. Brian L. Sharp
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Rev. Brian Sharp | Angelic Visions LLC

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Rev. Brian Sharp | Angelic Visions LLC

As a psychic medium I hear this question often. The short answer is a simple "no." The long answer requires consideration of a number of factors, which I shall address in due course. I want to provide the best, most ethical service to my clients, so I like to let clients know at the beginning of each psychic reading what I do and, briefly, how I do it. It would actually be more accurate to say that it is not something I am doing but rather something, which Spirit is doing. I often compare what we psychics do to that of an interpreter: we "listen" to what Spirit's messages are, and we attempt to translate them into a message, which hopefully the client can understand.

This usually takes a great deal of concentration, and so I usually do not want any information beforehand about a client's particular situation or deceased loved one (this can be distracting). I prefer instead to obtain the information from Spirit and then relay it. It's also important to me that there is a sufficient amount of light in the room and with as few distractions as possible (i.e., no children or pets loose, no clutter, etc.)--whether I am working in a client's home or in my own office.

I have clients not only in San Antonio but also in such cities as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Las Vegas and others. I even have some clients abroad. They often refer others to me. It is not because I am any better than another psychic or medium but because Spirit chooses to work through me in such a way, that is understandable and healing to them.

Clients can also impact the quality of a psychic reading:

- One should limit mediumship or psychic readings to once every 5-6 months
- Extreme skepticism can negatively impact a reading, although healthy skepticism and an open mind is quite conducive to an accurate psychic reading
- Background noise can be detrimental
- Electrical anomalies in the environment can impact a reading
- Certain metals can have an effect upon a reading
- A client's physical energy level can be a factor in a reading's degree of accuracy

It's generally a good idea for clients to spend a time in contemplation prior to a reading about the issues or loved one, about which they wish to know. A medium cannot guarantee that a specific spirit will communicate (we cannot force someone to talk on the phone), but generally most spirit loved ones will choose to do so and are quite eager to make their voices heard.

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