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Simple Karma Definition

The main message of my very simply Karma definition is: You either do things with a clear heart or you do not.

Karma is often viewed as being just as simple as if you do harm to others, harm comes back on you. It is actually a deeper sense of the personality of a person, along with the actions they take both good and bad that impact Karma. In this sense, it is not only what you do with the body, but also the mind that can cause Karma, but involuntary reactions do not.

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Karma works, because all your thoughts and actions are of your own doing. So in this sense, each person’s karma is entirely of their own doing. While some believe this is setting everyone up for failure, the truth is that with kindness and goodwill, it can be rewarding.

Take a simple karma definition from the Hindu religion for example. In this religion, the life following this death, is one that deals with karma. If a person is good in this life, their next life will be far more rewarding. If they are not good in this life, they may come back as a lower life form instead. In order to have good Karma, a person must live according to what is known as Dharma or doing what is actually right.

While there is disagreement on good karma. The reason is that the idea of positive and negative debts don’t make sense. So any debt owed must be repaid. So instead of singling out the good and the bad, plus expectations. One should live their life as close to kind as possible. This way we set ourselves up for good and positive things that will transpire later in our lives.

Simple Karma DefinitionReturning Boomerang represents a very simple Karma Definition

It’s when you begin to keep track of the good and the bad, that karma becomes problematic. Sometimes, you may feel like a few good deeds should instantly come back to you. Especially if something you perceive at the time outweighs the justification for what has occurred. The truth is that while good and bad events can happen in this life, karma can also carry over to the next life too.

In addition, bad Karma is not when you do something bad, something hits you back five fold. Instead, it is when you do something wrong and the action that led to that is responsible for you to feel guilty and responsible for this action. When you feel bad and guilty for the situation, you have incurred the bad Karma as mentioned. If the individual feels the need to have some form of revenge, your lives will intertwine so they have the ability to enact their revenge. Once it is done, you are the released from the guilt that you feel in the situation. You then have a clean slate to work with. 

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