Healing Through The Akashic Records By Restoring Your Soul Blueprint

Healing Through The Akashic Records is based upon the universal energetic storage of all that is, was, and even all that ever will be. The Records are an energetic library of the Universe. Although calling the Akashic Records a library may seem overly simplistic — there is no actual library in another dimension — I find it a helpful metaphor. 

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The more we connect to the energetic record of our souls, the more wisdom and clarity we are able to gain. We learn to read and speak the language of the universe. Just as when we read physical books and learn and grow from them, accessing this energetic "library" also gradually transforms us. 

Why am I here? What is my mission for this lifetime? Why do I keep seeking something beyond? What is the purpose of this relationship in my life? Why are these people a part of my life? How do I make choices that align with my Higher Self, with my soul?

Akashic Soul-Level Healing

When I started my own journey as a professional intuitive, I was seeking answers to these, and many other questions myself. I wanted to know how to translate my connection with the Divine, with the unseen world, into human terms, how to make it useful and practical, how to guide both myself and those around me to healing and integration. This is how I began working with the Akashic Records. 

Through the lens the Akashic Records, we can see our soul purpose more clearly. We learn to respect our own path, and those of others, we understand the meaning behind the events in our lives, and we learn who we are as a soul. We can also learn the truth and purpose behind the significant relationships in our life.

Soul-Level Healing Through The Akashic Records

In my readings with clients, I start with the bigger picture — who they are as a soul, how their past lives influenced their present challenges, which lessons their soul has chosen to learn in this lifetime, and what main gifts and skills they are bringing into this world. Then, we look more closely into how these skills and challenges shape their relationships, career and day-to-day decisions. 

I am especially interested in strong soul connections, that serve as a catalyst for spiritual awakening. These soul connections (twin flames or strong soulmates) often bring up issues that our soul has been trying to heal for lifetimes. While they are extremely challenging, I enjoy helping my clients shift the perspective and to do this healing through the Akashic Records.

How To Get Healing Through The Akashic RecordsHealing Through The Akashic Records
Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified

Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified
The Akashic Records can be an amazing resource that allow us to manifest exactly the human experience we want for ourselves - in very real, practical ways. Soul Realignment is the intuitive healing modality that focuses on the reading and clearing of the Akashic Records.  FREE Online Training EventLearn more > >

FAQs About Akashic Records

What Are The Akashic Records?

  • The Akashic Records are a metaphysical library or repository that is said to contain all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos.

What Is A Soul's Blueprint Within The Akashic Records?

  • A Soul's Blueprint within the Akashic Records refers to the soul's intended life path, core essence, gifts, and divine purpose for a particular incarnation.

What Is A Soul's Divine Purpose?

  • A Soul's Divine Purpose is the reason a soul chooses to incarnate into human form - its higher calling, mission or lessons to learn in a particular lifetime.

How Do Past Lives Affect The Present Life?

  • Past lives influence the present through karmic imprints, conditioning, talents/abilities, relationship dynamics and unresolved issues carried over.

What Is Healing Through The Akashic Records?

  • Healing through the Akashic Records involves accessing a person's soul records to gain insight into their life path, release karmic blocks, and facilitate physical/emotional/spiritual healing and wholeness.

Author - Inga Kastrone - Akashic Records Reader

Inga Kastrone - Akashic Records Reader

Inga Kastrone - Akashic Records Reader
Inga was blessed to have met many wonderful spiritual teachers who helped align and clear her energies and see the truth of who she really was. She studied Kabbala, Christian Gnosticism, the Goddess Mysteries, became a Reiki Master, a certified energy worker and a professional Akashic Record Reading intuitive. 

Inga’s healing through the Akashic Records helps people balance their energy, receive guidance on their purpose and mission in life, and see the soul-level perspective on their relationships.

Website: Healing-Radiance.com

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