Know The Energy That You Are.

by Michael Clark
(Antioche, IL, USA)

Bodies of Energy

Bodies of Energy

For most of us we live in a physical world oblivious to the joy and love that is all around us. We live and breathe the stress and pain that revolves around us every day and forget to realize that our lives are just that, ours.

I have come to discover that we are not physical beings lost in a physical world, but energetic beings lost in a physical world. That’s right, you are an energy being that thinks it's physical. You believe that everything around you and all your aches and pains are caused by the physical world, and you don't realize that it all really is just energy that you have allowed into yourself. You've allowed yourself to take on negative energy into your own energetic being and said "This is Mine!”

Why would you do that? You do it because you've been told to since you were a little child. The thing is that it isn't your parents, or teachers fault that they taught you this. They were taught the very same thing and just passed it along thinking that they were correct in doing so. This life is not about pain and overcoming obstacles, it's about living with love and joy, and finding everything you ever wanted in life, and having it.

You are energy. You allow the negative into your life, and that energy manifests itself in the physical causing all your colds, aches, pains, and disease. Don't allow others to give you their stress, pain, and emotional damage, because if you do then your body will manifest a negative physical ailment to go along with your negative energy that you have said you deserve to have.

I can help you see that this life is not a place to fall apart in, or feel that your entire life has been a struggle, but to see that you are a beautiful, creative being, of light and love, and you never have to feel sad, or depressed again - ever. So the next time your boss, or mother, or father try to blame you for something that they are feeling, think of this article and know that you won't accept it, for it isn't yours.

(Michael can be contacted by email: know_your_spirit

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Mar 16, 2008
by: Anonymous

I really respect what is said here and see that it is what I have needed to hear in my own psychic profession. I have wonderful clients, but at times I have some real negativity that comes. It can affect my whole day if allowed. I make the choice of not receiving the energy that was brought to the table by the client. Usually it is in the form of skepticism that I deal with when it is negative.
Good job on bringing this information to the surface for us.:)


Feb 01, 2008
The Ripples
by: Bethoc

I allude to the "ripples" metaphor from Disney's Pocahontas DVD. I was so glad to read your contribution this morning. Your thoughts are in fact a "ripple" sent from God reaffirming a painful lesson I have been struggling through for over 2 months now. I smile as I am happily reminded that we are all here influencing each other's lives hopefully on a positive note.

It's so weird to wake up after a long conversation about this exact same subject with my fellow Indigo girl friend last night to read a lesson submitted by a complete stranger re-inforcing her guiding words spoken to me just last night. Again I smile. Here's my personal struggle: I am an Indigo survivor of an extreme case of mental, emotional, and physical child abuse. In fact everyone in my extended family on my mom's side suffered through the same excruciating childhood abuse and grew up to continue perpetrating their pain onto their own children. Being an Indigo I switched into survival mode and refused to accept the "family inheritance" that my Mom is still trying to pass onto me to this day. In 2003 she tried to choke me on Christmas day when I refused to go my grandmother's house(she began the family abuse). I was 28. The following year Her marriage ended and she would call me often saying she had a gun to her head. In December I found out she was just hospitalized for Morphine addiction. After 10 painful years of trying to salvage a relationship with her out of Guilt I had had it. I mustered up the courage to cut her off.

The yoke of guilt which has been programmed into me is a vast wasteland of ferocious tenacity. It was beginning to take its toll on me. In January I got a cold, still I continued to feel guilty and dwell on her constantly, I got Bronchitis one week later. But of course still I hadn't learned to let the pain and baggage go. 2 days after feeling I'd gotten over the Bronc I couldn't get up off the floor. I had 102 degree fever. Now I had developed pneumonia. My mental constant worrying had taken its toll on the physical body. I've been forced to stop going to work and stay in the bed and deal with this issue head on. It's like god stepped in and said "You're gonna die soon if you can't let this abuse from your past go!"

Your contribution is like another message from god re-iterating that I don't have to inflict any more pain onto myself for the past.

It wasn't my fault my family chose to be abusers. I can't change them or help them in any way. They made their choices and now I have got to make mine. I feel like it's my only way out.

Thanks for the encouragement. I could never do this alone.

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