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Life Saving Dream

by Cynthia Dimaria
(Long Beach CA - USA)

A Dream That Saved My Life

A Dream That Saved My Life

I got very sick with a brown spider bite. The wound was infected and antibiotics were not working. I was running a 104 fever and I could not walk. When I was at my worst and thought I was going to die I had a life saving dream where I told my self to take some antihistamines and to inhale an asthma inhaler. When I woke from the dream I remembered a friend had left their inhaler at my house and I knew I had some allergy pills so I stumbled around the house while I was crying in pain and I found the inhaler and the pills. I took two pills and 4 blasts off that inhaler then cried my self to sleep.

The next morning I was close to being 80% healed. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is an antibiotic resistant staph infection and my dream of me telling myself I needed the antihistamine and inhaler ASAP, I believe, saved m live.

My spider bite was from a Violin Spider, they cause a serious flesh eating bacteria which, once infected, becomes a MRSA. The antihistamines stopped the allergic reaction and the speed of the flesh eating infection and allowed the antibiotics a chance to work. I am not a doctor but I predict antihistamines will become one of major life savers for now and the future - just you watch !

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Mar 04, 2008
Did it bit your right arm??
by: tabitha

I got this weird feeling that the spider had bit your right arm is that true??

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