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When you have live psychic chat, skype, and phone readings with me you are talking only with me personally. Ian Parkin - owner, webmaster, and principal clairvoyant reader here at the Psychic Junkie Website.

  • I deeply care about what is on your mind and how you are feeling about your future.
  • 35 years providing professional psychic services.
  • You get 5 minutes for free when you open a new account with me for the very first time.  
My Live Psychic Chat

My Live Psychic Chat, Skype, and Phone Readings

Psychic Readings:

  • What I see in store for You
  • All Questions and Answers
  • Love Life and Relationships
  • Road to Happiness
  • Akashic Records
  • Work and Career
  • Corporate Clairvoyance
  • Entrepreneur Clairvoyance 

Life Wizardry Coaching:

  • My Own Magical Approach for Helping You in Creating Your Future

My area of expertise:

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, TarotVision™, Empath, Crystal Ball Gazing, Rune Stones, Alpha Mind States, Psychometry, Hypnosis, NLP, Remote Viewing, Telepathy.

My Psychic Connections:

Intuition & Higher Self, Guides, Angelic Beings, Akashic Records.

Your Privacy:

  • When you chose to have a reading via my My Live Psychic Chat, Skype, or Phone you maintain your privacy. Unlike what can happen when you walk into a local New Age store or coffee shop to sit with a local psychic. Everyone could see you enter and leave. And the local psychic may even know you or your acquaintances personally so there’s always the risk of a too chatty local psychic spilling the beans on your deepest of secrets. Better to stay safe and enjoy the ultimate privacy of my My Live Psychic Chat, Skype, and Phone consultations. When you have a reading we are connected yet your details stay private. You can connect from wherever you are most comfortable and stay out of sight.

You can schedule and then pay for your reading here. 

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Live Psychic Chat

Option 1 – Instantly Available ONSITE. 
Look for the green chat button that shows at the top right of screen when I am online and available. Clicking that chat button opens a window direct with me where you can confirm a live psychic chat reading with me onsite. No logins, no software, no phone numbers required! Once confirmed, you can make your PayPal payment by clicking on the Pay Now button below and then proceed with your reading in the chat window. 

Consultations on Skype

Option 2 – By Appointment - Live Psychic Chat on Skype.
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Option 3 – By Appointment - Voice Consultation on Skype. 
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Consultation on Phone

Option 4 – By Appointment - Voice Consultation on Phone. 
Please use the contact form below to make an appointment with me before purchasing.

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* I am the owner, webmaster, and principal clairvoyant reader here at the Psychic Junkie Website.

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  • 20 minutes @ $5 per min = $100
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Email Psychic Readings

For When Email Psychic Readings Are Your Best Option

You can visit this page for my email psychic readings information and ordering.

Partnering Live Psychic Chat Network

For when I am unavailable for my live psychic chat, and you want help right now, I have partnered with other readers I trust and know can help you 24/7 - 365 days - worldwide.

Leave it to the universe and use the wizard to match you with your perfect psychic!

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Reviews for Ian Parkin's Professional Psychic Services

  • I am always pleased to receive your feedback regarding your session with me.
  • Your information helps me improve my services for future clients.
  • And your published comments below help others know what to expect when they’re looking for one of the services I provide.

Hi Ian, thanks so much for that reading.. very Accurate and  insightful. LJ (Perth AU)

"Ian, you are absolutely amazing. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you! I have had a fair few readings with you and your accuracy blows me away each time. Apart from your accuracy, your guidance, advice and patience is greatly appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you."  Anon (AU)

"Never disappointed. Clears the negativity around the situation and always find the answers I seek. Definitely attained a higher knowledge only the spiritual would understand. Very deep." - M (London UK)

“Ian, you are a magician (Magic Ian) I cannot say thank you enough for your insights and for helping me regain my personal power.” - Mary B. (UK)

“Thanks Ian, once again I appreciate how very reassuring you are. You never waiver in what you see. Your predictions are spot on always. Oh, I like your new booking service.  Great to be able to set my appointments without contacting you beforehand to check.” - Paul – long-time client (Singapore).

“Oh Ian, it was so nice to connect with a psychic who cares so much. You were able to tune in and hit the nail on the head. Thanks for letting me ask so many questions. I will be back when I need your insight and advise for sure.” - Anastasia (USA)

“Thank you for your guidance in the Spiritual Psychic Readings you gave me. My life was full of fear and you gave me strength. You were accurate in what you told me about my problems and you showed me how to control my fears with your insight in the many readings I had with you. I truly hope one day the universe would grant me a wish where I could meet you in person and thank you for helping me through those darkest times I went through. Thank you, you are in a sense a guardian angel in disguise.” - Sam (Australia)

“Grateful for your help again.” – Susan (Ireland)

"Hi Ian. As always, it was lovely chatting with you.  I probably told you this story before.....a year after my husband and I immigrated to Australia, he wanted to leave me and I was devastated... I was desperate to make our marriage work so I did a bit of research and came across you.  You helped me save my young family and I will forever be grateful to you!!! Thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart." - M (Australia)

“I felt uncertain seeking advice on my career choices. But the clarity you brought my way has proved to be so worthwhile. I have made the changes you helped me with, and things are great now. Thanks a million!” - Bernard (UK)

“Well, after a couple of sessions with you Ian on love and relationships, I finally found the strength to dump my cheating no-hoper. (I had been holding on to him for far too long). And yes, just as you predicted, my real gentleman turned up from where I never would have expected.” - Happy American Client (USA)

    Guidelines for posting your Ian Parkin reviews: 
  • To add feedback and comments please use my contact form.
  • Please start the conversation with the heading [Reviews for Ian Parkin's Live Psychic Chat].
  • Provide permission to publish with your first name or anonymously.
  • Please use the same email that you used when booking your session. This legitimizes your review.
  • First Name, Email and Country are required when submitting your post.

Ian Parkin is the owner, webmaster, and principal clairvoyant of this Website.
35 Years Providing Professional Psychic Services

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