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Are Psychics Successful with Lottery Predictions?

Get Your Winning Numbers with these Psychic Lottery Predictions! Haa, you wish! Psychics are so often asked about predicting winning lottery numbers and the short answer to that is – real psychics aren’t in the get-rich-quick business.

Really, can you imagine if you could just rock up to your local psychic adviser and ask for the numbers that will drop in next week's lotto? Psychics would pretty much rule the world! No, no, no, we provide a real service for clients who need career advice, relationship guidance, spiritual insights and so on.

BUT …never say never. There are plenty of documented cases where psychics have 'known' of a 'win' in the future. 

Here's an example, and I have known Psychic Carol personally since the 1980s. Carol remains one of my very best friends and closest of confidants. In 2005 Carol dreamt she would have a big lottery win. So she formed a syndicate "12 Succulent Goddess" and in Sept 2006 it happened! The total payout was 22 million dollars! And the Goddess share was over $1.8 million.

So, while psychics can’t foster their client’s desire for overnight riches, we (and you) can act on premonitions. The numbers came to Goddess Carol in a dream. However, we all get waking premonitions, where information comes ‘out of the blue’, which is not related to anything we are thinking or doing that moment.

Using this example, we might deduce that occasionally correct lottery predictions are the result of intuition/premonitions. But, the biggest piece of the lottery puzzle is - Good Luck!

Even the person in charge of drawing lottery numbers doesn’t know them in advance. Since winning numbers aren’t predetermined, how could any psychic possibly predict them? As in any game of chance, winning the lottery is the luck of the draw.

Many people have the misconception that psychics can specifically predict fine details of your future. No! Your psychic can’t pop-in a little Future Shop and get your winning lottery numbers.

Everyone’s future is subject to change. Psychics see numerous versions of your future. The outcome depends on challenges you face, choices you make and conscious changes that result. Psychics would see a bazillion combinations of lottery numbers - all potential winners - depending upon which future path you walk.

What your psychic can divulge is time periods when you have the best chance of winning the lottery. Through studying the cards or your chart, your psychic can determine conditions under which you will not be lucky at games of chance.

Then there are periods of time when fortunate events, or good luck is more likely to manifest. There is a school of thought that we may not simply be beneficiaries of good luck, but are experiencing ‘good karma’ that we accrued past incarnations. That major events are chosen by our souls before we incarnate into our present life on earth.

Maybe you don’t believe in Karma. That’s OK. The Bible tells us - …for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” – Galatians 6:7

Take the Succulent Goddesses. They had been randomly sowing a lot of good stuff for years. And they reaped $1.8 million dollars.

It could happen to you!

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