Lucid Dream Interpretation

by Caroline Brann
(South Africa)

Last night I had a strange vivid dream. It was very short. I saw men possibly three to five. They wore dark pine green baggy pants, black boots, and dark pine green long sleeved shirts and black straps across their chests. The sky was blue. It was hot and the ground was sandy and they were standing on the ground. The sand was cream not orange coloured. Behind them was a dark coloured truck that had no canopy and it had black bars.

The feeling was these men had been traveling in the back. They carried large black guns. Possibly machine guns.I focused on one man because of his looks. He was a finely built blond Caucasian with a tanned skin and fine features with high cheekbones and a broad face and almost feminine mouth. He was a leader I think and he was talking about dying, or accepting that dying was an outcome or something. He was serious in expression. He was clean and not sweaty or dirty in any way so they had just arrived. He was very young, teens or twenties and there was the shock at his young age and at a distance you may mistake the face for a girl's since that is how my dream started.I focused on him because his looks seemed so out of place in military gear.

The oddest thing which is why I am writing this is that this young man had a straight naturally long blond fringe to one side and his hair at the back was tied up because it was shoulder length. This was weird because I thought modern soldiers always had short hair? I know they were soldiers of some sort because of their clothes, the guns, and their attitude was serious, and there was no furtiveness, so they had great backing behind them, such as a country. They had, I believe South African accents of the English speaking variety. It was not definitely not American or any of the European countries and the language was English.

Lucid Dream Interpretation Please. Has anybody any ideas about what I was experiencing? I have never ever seen them before.

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