Lucid Dream Shadows

by Bonnie

Since I was little I've felt and seen weird shadows. The most terrifying was the one when I was little.

Ever since I was little could lucid dream. In one dream I felt odd and I felt someone was in the room so I forced myself to wake up. I knew something was wrong and something told me to look up. So I did and I saw a shadow floating above my head, like a silent raven circling above my head. It did no harm, but my friend has told me I have seen an entity.

I've been telling myself these weird things are just hallucinations, as they are always when I wake up. But I’ve been told by many spiritual people I should just believe in what I am seeing.
I no longer feel or see them so much, is it because I had lost faith?

Also, I sometimes get an urge to write. I'm rubbish at poems, but sometimes, when I’m hurt or upset or angry or happy I have a weird twitching feeling, or a vibration, or a pain in my writing hand and then weird words pop into my head. I just HAVE to write it down. When I write it down it just flows. It's like I'M not writing. Someone else is.

Sometimes the poems don't make sense. They come out with really dark and gothic, about things from my past, or things that sometimes happen, or sometimes the present. Sometimes it seems like I’m PRAYING, to a certain god. Do I have a gift?

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Nov 28, 2014
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by: Ian

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