Lucid Dreaming Closed

by Cherish

I have trained myself over the years to shut off my dreams unknowingly I think. For years I never remembered dreaming until recently after years of recurring dreams as a child.

As long as I can remember I would always have night terrors or nightmares mostly a few specific ones every night.

I was also lucid dreaming when I was very young...before I even knew what that meant! Then they stopped. And only black nights until I was around 20 years old when the night terrors started again. Then another set of black years.

Now I dream occasionally but unfitting strange dreams that make no sense most of the time.

I think I trained myself to not remember my dreams if I had any because I didn't want my nightmares and terrors anymore maybe... I'm not sure. Or the constant recurring dream of falling to my death over and over again. (Those where the ones that were lucid always).


Baffled and intrigued me for years.

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