Lucid Dreaming Yet Awake.

by BrightWhiteDreams

It happened about a year and a half ago. One night I was exhausted and I lied down to go to sleep. I tossed and I turned for a while like I usually do, and then I finally found a comfy spot to fall asleep. As I was drifting off into dream land I heard something like scratching in my ear, too tired to care, I just ignored it and "fell asleep". Well you see, as I was lying there as soon as my eyes closed I began to dream very vivid dreams I can still remember to this day, yet I was still awake (I couldn't really fall asleep) and it was like as soon as I opened my eyes and looked around the room, my dream reality would vanish. The converse applied as well, as soon as I closed my eyes again, in that split second, the dreams would start again.

They all went by very rapidly and in one I remember I was drifting around my old middle school waving at all the people as I passed them. I opened and closed my eyes many times and would always turn over and look at the clock to make sure I wasn't losing it. When I tried to sleep again at some point I once again heard the scratching in my ear and it felt as though my hand was falling through the bed. I panicked naturally and proceeded to pull it back up, but it felt as though instead of pulling it back up, I actually pulled it out and it was though it was one with the air and in a sense, I could see it there within my mind's eye.

Scared, I tried to wake up but I couldn't move at all, I attempted to move my head, my arms, but nothing would budge and it felt sort of hard to breathe. After a while of lying there, staring at the clock, I finally was able to move again so I proceeded to go to the kitchen and get a drink of water before falling asleep the normal way again. Through all of it, only 5 minutes had passed.

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Feb 02, 2008
by: Anonymous

That's truly amazing! But I have a question for you, in your "dream" could you feel things touch your face that were never there? I had an experience were I had volunteered at a nature park and was helping out with the monkeys, later that night when I fell asleep, I was dreaming while I was awake, after about a minute laying there, I had a dream where I was back in the park with the monkeys and one reached out and touched my face. The same moment the dream monkey touched me, I felt a real monkey hand touch the same spot on my face? In your dream you had an out of body experience, but I have no idea what I experienced. Please help.

Sep 07, 2007
Dreams are out of this world!
by: ZorbaZiv

Lucid dreaming can be a fascinating adventure into paranormal realms. Some find it easy to repeat at will, but most need practice.

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