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Many Voices

by Brandy
(San Diego, CA)

For several years I have had a dream where I can hear many voices talking at once, but I cannot understand what is being said. I am aware and panicked in this dream. I try to wake myself up, but I am unable to move or shout out for help. I am often aware when I am dreaming and I can observe my dreams when asleep or change the direction of my dreams. However, in the many voices dream I feel trapped and panicked.

Any insights?

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May 12, 2012
the voices
by: tom

what you are doing or about to do is known as astral traviling what happenes is you go to sleep your body can not move after so long the you are aware that u r sleeping during this time going into this time of falling asleep or waking up is when you hear the voices i have heard them myself and so has my friend your mind is at a nother frquency when this is going on you are most likly hearing one of the 3 things angels speeking or demons or people on the other side hope this helps you out

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