My Near Death Experience Was A Real Life Changer For Me

“My near death experience was incredible. My life had just been played out before my eyes and I found my life’s mission in helping others walk through life without fear.”

Psychic Tina is the verified author of this guest post.

I have always had feelings, an inner knowing that I couldn't explain where it came from but knew it to be true. At the age 30 I had my near death experience when suffering a bout of pneumonia. 

My Near Death Experience

This Was My Near Death Experience

Suddenly all my pain melted away, I felt weightless and began to gently spin up and away from my body lying on the floor. This didn't upset me, in fact: I was very happy to know I wasn't going back to my body. I looked around and saw a beautiful white light, down a long tunnel. 

I immediately felt drawn towards it, a familiar feeling like I was going home swept over me. I began to move eagerly and faster toward this beautiful light. I reached the light and was surrounded by 13 souls that looked upon me with love and welcome. I was so glad they were there and I remember expressing how much I had missed them. 

As I began to look around I was directed to big moving screen. On the screen I began to see the life I had just lived play out before my eyes. I felt everything, including what others had felt because of my actions and behavior. It was so sad for me to realize how many people I had hurt by withholding love from them. I continued to watch as scene after scene played out. 

I was literally on my knees crying in pain and feeling so horrible about not loving enough while I was alive. I begged them to not hate me, and told them I did not deserve to be there with them. It was then I was shown more scenes from my life. These scenes showed me the love that flowed freely from me to others. I witnessed and felt each person's feelings of love because of something I said and did for them. I also saw them turn around and spread that love to others and by the time those scenes were over I felt I had redeemed my life. I felt I had a right to be in this most wonderful place. 

It was then I was told that I must return here to earth, that I still had much work to do. I didn't want to go. I felt a sadness I thought would damage my very soul and with a heavy heart I returned to my body. As soon as I entered my body, I felt the coldness of it, the pain, and the heavy feeling of being in the body all made me terribly sad and I cried very hard for several days after my near death experience. 

It was during my near death experience that the 13 individual souls came to me and started telling me things that would help me achieve the goals that I must achieve, in order to be able to go home. It has taken me years to finally go into business for myself and give people the help they need, without charging too much. I am proud of the mission I have been called upon to do here on earth and I live each day with relish. My psychic readings help my clients to walk through life without fear! That is mission for the rest of this life. To get people to realize that fear is the deceiver. We are spiritual beings that live forever; earth is not our true home. 

Kasamba Psychic Tina

Kasamba Psychic Tina

Psychic Tina has been an online psychic for the past ten years. Having been a top rates clairvoyant and tarot reader with the Kasamba Network for the last six of those years.

Psychic Tina has now taken a sabbatical to start a family. She plans to return to her work as a psychic reader with Kasamba when the children are at school age.

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