My Psychic Tests at Psychic Project on Web

by Madeline
(Phoenix, AZ)

Psychic Test Project

Psychic Test Project

I thought I was psychic before and I'd done a target before that came out pretty well.

I started the tests and they are for remote viewing of events they are called but not really and people. I did pretty well on it and was surprised. The events came out pretty well and I got the people.

I got 3 of the people well. The other was not right but a little. I got one girl having red hair I was proud of it just came out before. The information was flowing pretty well.

One finally the first one a guy answered and said I did well.

It is not really enough to do readings and it's hard for me but I think I'm getting better at it. also the one lady I got her falling down stairs and it was a ladder.

I posted it under the name Goodkitty.

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Oct 23, 2008
Question about psychic project
by: Anonymous

Was this the test at or was it another one?

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