The Types Of Remote Viewing Used In Your Psychic Readings

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The types of remote viewing are:

  • ERV - Extended Remote Viewing is the term coined for remote viewing in a hypnotic state of mind.
  • ARV - Associative Remote Viewing is the term coined for perceiving information about future events as in psychic readings of the fortune telling variety. 
  • TRV- Technical Remote Viewing was a term coined for a cut-down and trademarked training system in the 1990s.
  • SVR - Scientific Remote Viewing was another term coined after some parts of Transcendental Meditation were included to earlier types of remote viewing 
  • GRV - Generic Remote Viewing is the term coined for any form of self-taught exercise where an individual practices without a control/monitor person to test and access specific results.
  • CRV – Controlled Remote Viewing is the term coined for the, now popular, method that is taught and practiced around the world by well-organized remote viewing instructors.

Read more about these types of remote viewing here.

ARV is one of the main types of remote viewing used to transcend time and space in psychic readings for perceiving future events. 

Has it ever occurred to you that remote viewing psychics are finders of things, such as lost pets, missing children or misplaced wedding rings? Or that they can be a huge help in locating your lost pet or possessions? Psychics performing real remote viewing also work with law enforcement to locate missing children and/or criminals.

Types of remote viewing used by psychic readers

Don’t expect instant gratification and be aware that sometimes psychics can’t hone in on the precise location of your lost items, lost pets or people. When your psychic is open to receive, the target may send messages containing clues about how to find them.  For instance, your psychic may see snippets of the area where a missing person or pet is at present - a big oak tree beside a river, traffic noises, several planes overhead (indicating a nearby airport) and so on. There is no doubt remote viewing adds another dimension to a psychic’s techniques. And, you can get the insightful rewards! 

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Remote viewing psychic reading sees a kidnapped brother's safe return

Remote Viewing Psychic Reading

Types of remote viewing used in a psychic reading with a regular client who lives in Ireland. Normally this client requested relationship readings, as he had an ongoing and quite complicated love life situation, that he regularly required guidance on. So, I was quite surprised when he said distraughtly  - “Ian, I have a very important situation I’d like you to tune into. My brother who works as an executive in the mining industry has just been kidnapped in Africa and is missing”.  “Ian, what can you pick up on my brother and his situation? Is he still alive?” 

As I tuned into remote viewing mode I was able to give my client the following details. 

  • I saw a village layout that I described and drew out on a notebook page. 
  • I did not see actual buildings it was more like a floor plan of the area. [Buildings in a Circle – Sea to the West – River to the South – Mountains to the North East. Brother Alive in a Dark Room.]
  • I continued my reading and picked up that my client would be greeting his, very much alive and happy, brother within three weeks, and this would take place at his home in Ireland. 

One month later my client requested another reading, and we were back onto the love-life drama.  But he was happy to mention that his brother was home, safe and happy now. He also mentioned that his brother was able to confirm that my mud-map remote viewing drawing was very accurate to the actual location he had been held captive in. The mining company had paid the ransom.

In this remote viewing my client was in Ireland, the subject was in Africa, and I was in Australia.

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Your Remote Viewing FAQs Answered

What is remote viewing? Remote viewing is not one exact thing, it is an assorted bag of phenomena. Although there is an emphasis on ‘viewing’, remote viewing partially centers around experiences related to visibility of an object, place, person, etc.  There are degrees of telepathy,  intuition, clairvoyance and more that contribute to all types of remote viewing.

How does remote viewing work? In this mode of extrasensory perception (ESP) a psychic reader can telepathically hone in on people and locations at great distances. Transcending time and space, remote viewing psychics can encounter and describe events in the past, present and future.  

What is CIA Stargate?

The Stargate Project was a top secret project for gathering intelligence. It was conducted by the U.S. Military and Intelligence services during the period 1972-1995 at the Stanford Research Institute. SRI formally separated from Stanford University in 1970 and became known as SRI International in 1977. The CIA's Remote Viewing Protocols at SRI were established for research to lend a scientific slant to psychic abilities, such as remote viewing, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences and so on. Initially, the results were used for espionage. Researchers conceded the CIA's types of remote viewing abilities worked.

Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room

Who started remote viewing?

Co-founder of the ESP Research program at SRI - Russell Targ  - writes in his book - The Reality of ESP . . . "We developed the psychic perception technique we called remote viewing, which proved to allow a person to quiet his or her mind of mental chatter and accurately describe and experience places and events blocked from ordinary perception by distance or time." "Our research has been replicated worldwide".

Is remote viewing proved by science?

YES! Statistics professor Jessica Utts, at the University of California Davis (UC Davis), began her detailed 1995 CIA-commissioned assessment of the SRI's types of remote viewing researched by writing,

  • “Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance. Effects of similar magnitude have been replicated in laboratories across the world.”

Can remote viewing be learned?

"Remote viewing is so easy to do that it has become a cottage industry.  I will tell you how to quiet your mind and learn to separate psychic signals from the mental noise of memory and imagination. You already have the ability - I’ll help you use it."  - Russell Targ in The Reality of ESP

The documentary movie Third Eye Spies (2019) tells the true story of physicist Russell Targ, his cold war psychic spies and his fight to bring this information public. Evidence is presented by a Nobel Laureate, an Apollo Astronaut, and many formerly undercover military “remote viewing personnel” and scientists that worked extensively for the U.S. Intelligence community. You can see this film on Amazon Prime> >

Is remote viewing astral projection?

Some types of remote viewing are similar to astral projection, except we do not leave our physical bodies and fly or float to various places. You might relate real remote viewing to ‘armchair travel’, where only your consciousness projects out and around the world and cosmos.

A major difficulty in mastering remote viewing is that normal humans consciousness is bounded by time and space. The idea of allowing your mind to wander and experience adventures in faraway places is hard to believe. You must stretch your mind beyond the capacities of the five senses.

How can I train myself in remote viewing?

Dr. Morehouse's Remote Viewing students find their way to him from a range of diverse backgrounds. He lectures and educates across the spectrum of human interests. Students of his remote viewing course include medical doctors, researchers in science, medicine and technology, engineers, homemakers, physicists, students, artists, and alternative practitioners. Well over 11,000 students have been trained in the United States, Europe and other far-reaching parts of the globe. His Remote Viewing Training Course available at Amazon.

My pick of Remote Viewing products from Amazon, publisher may get a commission

The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities - by Russell Targ

Controlled Remote Viewing: Manuals, collected papers & information to help you learn CRV - by Daz Smith

Third Eye Spies - Prime Video - starring Russell Targ, Dean Radin PhD, Uri Geller

The Remote Viewing Training Course on Audio CD - by David Morehouse

The Remote Viewing User's Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing - by David Morehouse

Comments About The Types Of Remote Viewing

My Remote Viewing Tests - by Madeline (Phoenix, AZ)

I thought I was psychic before and I'd done a target before that came out pretty well. I started the tests for remote viewing of events and of people.  I did pretty well on it and was surprised. The events came out pretty well and I got the people. I got 3 of the people well and one was not right but had some relevance. I got one girl having red hair.  One target was a lady who I got her falling down stairs but it was a ladder.

I was proud of myself as the information just came out of nowhere and was flowing pretty well. It is not really enough to do readings and it's hard for me but I think I'm getting better at it. 

I posted it under the name Goodkitty. I did the test here

Any Remote Viewing Organisations? - Simon (Albuquerque NM - USA) 

Are there any associations for remote viewing enthusiasts? 

International Remote Viewing Association

IRVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the responsible use and development of remote viewing. We are an independently formed member organization of scientists, remote viewing professionals, students, and other interested persons.

Western Institute of Remote Viewing

Not as impressive as the IRVA site but you may find some useful info here.

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