Party Dream

by Zay
(Statesville, NC, USA)

I was at an expensive house. One I have never been in in my dream before. But it’s a group of famous sisters and their family so I’m guessing it’s their house. (months before this dream I looked up me and one of the girls compatibility and we were pretty compatible) but I’m in the dream, it’s kind of a party.

I remember I was outside and I came inside to a bed room and I see India ( one of the girls) she’s famous and all so I was telling her how I thought she was cute and how I had a new piece from my clothing line coming out and how I’d love if she do a little promo for me. She was excited to do so and seemed very interested in doing so, she expressed to me she was working on a clothing line also. We both suggested we work with each other. We exchange numbers and she says she has to go to the store to get things for the party and I said I needed to go also.

So as we are leaving, we cut through the kitchen of this home to exit out of a door from the kitchen. Her sisters were in the kitchen we talked a bit then proceeded to leave. As we are walking out she stopped and did a mini twerk on me, then looked back and laughed. So I put my arm around her and pulled her close (since I was behind her I wrapped my arm around her belly and pulled her close) we are all hugged up walking to the car and it started to feel as if we are dating.

We go to the store. While on the way we talk of smoking I told her I only had 1 blunt... Jokingly she says that’s it and I tell her my friends have more and I’d get her smoked out. We come back and end up in another room where everyone was in orange suites as if it was jail. Gucci mane was there and another Atlanta artist named Duke and they were freestyling and I was waiting on my chance to rap since I rap also.

But while in the kitchen with India and her sisters and while in the session with Gucci I was pulling my teeth out, it didn’t hurt though. I already have a tooth that needs to be pulled but I didn’t pull that one. I pulled out my top back tooth and the bottom back. The house was amazing, me and her relationship felt so real and being around artist doing what I love felt so real.

Can someone help me and explain this dream?

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Jan 04, 2016
Finding yourself
by: Mrs. Starr

The house is a place where you go to express the artistic part of you. You are an artist and you want to share that with the world. You want to share it with all people. The sisters are those who you want to connect with, but the one who you are drawn to is like you artistic and you can share a commonality. You need to seek out people like yourself to share ideas and goals. If you find these people they can lead you to people outside your normal circle and exposed them as well as you getting exposure. I feel that this is what your dream says. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me here.

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