Past Life Psychic Reading Report - The Evidence Was Discovered

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In this past life psychic reading I told my client about his most recent past life as a sheriff or police officer. I told him where he lived in the United States. Then I proceeded to tell him what the town was named. I wasn’t quite sure what State, so I looked up the location of the town on the maps to find out it was Connecticut. 

I went on to tell him he was a police officer or Sheriff; he had 2 boys, and a wife. He was quite young when he died, maybe early 40's. Then I felt he may have been even younger; 30's most likely. Then I went on to tell him he was shot and killed young. It was a domestic dispute. I hear the man angry and drunk. My client did not even see it coming! He was shot to his left side of his left shoulder then I pointed to his left side of his chest seeing he was shot there too. He did not stand a chance he died just like that. It was so clear.

A True Past Life Psychic Reading Report

I always encourage people to look up the info and see if they can find themselves. Being a sheriff or policeman I knew I could find this man, my client in his past life.

It was not hard at all. I typed sheriff that died 1960's. I told my client it was the *60's as we usually die and a year or two come back as someone else. But in his case he stayed longer. I felt that he stayed around to watch over his children and wife. Until he felt he could move on as his form now. Predicting that he would have come back 5-9 years. The town I kept seeing was Greenwich which I found out was in Connecticut. There was nothing. So I rephrased it to … Cops that died in 1960 Greenwich Ct.

There was the list of various years of cops who passed on. I went right to the area where I saw a gentleman in the States in the late 70's who got struck by a car blow to his chest. I thought well I guess it could be him, but it didn't feel right.Then there was the next one!!!!!!

My client was freaked because it was word for word what I said in his past life psychic reading. He honestly could not even look at him. He just said he looks familiar and just couldn’t look, he was Just baffled. He knew I was good. But I don’t think he ever dreamt that good lol ;)

The Past Life Psychic Reading Validated

Trooper - Joseph M. Stoba Jr.

Trooper - Joseph M. Stoba Jr.
Died: Monday, August 06, 1962

On August 6, 1962, Trooper Joseph M. Stoba, Jr. age 34 of Meriden, was shot to death during a domestic dispute. Stoba was hit once in the left side of the chest while standing on a porch. He died at the scene.

Trooper Stoba was working evenings at Troop K and was assigned to transport a prison trustee back to the state jail in Haddam. As he and the prisoner drove towards the jail, Stoba was directed to a domestic at the Czaja home. 

Stanley J. Czaja had a history of drunken domestic incidents and was well known at Troop K. Trooper Stoba and Czaja spoke on the porch of the Czaja home and both agreed Czaja should go with Stoba to sober up. Trooper Stoba let Czaja go back into the house for a sweater but when Czaja came out, he was armed with a rifle. Before Stoba could react, Czaja shot him.

Guest post by - Psychic Chairity

Guest post by - Psychic Chairity

Chairity is a psychic and tarot consultant.

Ordained Reverend of the Universal Life Church Monastery
The Anglia school of psychic development
Other courses include:
Tarot consultancy, dream interpretation, auras, crystal, and gem healing.

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