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Hypnotic Past Life Recall Meditation Script You Can Use At Home

Can We Remember Past Lives?

Yes, past life recall is absolutely possible! Many people have experienced vivid glimpses or profound intuitions about their previous existences through practices like meditation and hypnosis. An open and curious mindset can unlock remarkable insights.

Using a guided hypnotic meditation script is perhaps the easiest and most accessible way to explore your past life memories. The script below will gently guide you into a relaxed state, allowing your subconscious mind to open up and reveal flashes of past lifetimes. With patience and an optimistic outlook, you may uncover illuminating experiences that shed light on your present journey.

Embarking on this profound inner quest can be deeply enriching. Why not embrace the adventure with a sense of wonder and let the wisdom of your past selves empower you today? 

Here is a powerful, uplifting, hypnotic past life recall meditation script you can try on yourself. It contains a Relaxation Induction, Deepening Practice, The Past Life Regression, Your Return, and completes with Journaling to recall and reflect on the experience.

Relaxation Induction

Breathe slowly and deeply... allowing your body to become relaxed and peaceful with each breath... Release any stress or tension you may be holding on to... allowing it to melt away... Your feet and legs are becoming heavier and more relaxed.... sinking down into the surface beneath you... Feel this deepening relaxation spreading upwards through your body... your abdomen becoming looser... your chest rising and falling with gentle breaths... Your arms and hands are relaxed at your sides or resting comfortably... no need to move or shift... just deeper relaxation... Feel the relaxation spreading into your neck and shoulders, releasing any remaining tightness or tension... Your facial muscles are softening as a wave of calm washes over you... your jaw loosening... your eyes feeling heavy as if they want to remain closed... Your entire body is now completely relaxed from the top of your head to the tips of your toes...open and receptive to positive experiences...

Can We Remember Past Lives?


As you continue breathing slowly and naturally, you are becoming more focused inward... turning your attention away from external sights and sounds...and journeying deeper within your inner world of memories and experiences... You may notice yourself becoming disconnected from your physical body as your consciousness travels higher... lighter... freer... You are safe, secure, and deeply relaxed as you allow yourself to explore this relaxed, trance-like state even further... gently floating... drifting... opening yourself to past life recalls... 

Past Life Regression 

Visualize yourself rising above your current lifetime... transcending the boundaries of this existence... travelling backwards through a tunnel of light and energy... relocating to a distant place and time from your past lives... You are now arriving in this past incarnation... becoming grounded in a body and world that was once familiar to you... opening your senses to the environment around you... What do you see, hear, or feel?... Observe any images, sounds, smells, or sensations you may be experiencing... Reinforcing that you are simply an observer in this safe, spiritual journey... When you feel ready, look down at yourself and perceive the body and life you inhabited in this distant time and place... consider who you were, where you lived, your relationships, your circumstances, and daily experiences... As memories arise, allow them to flow naturally without force or expectation... you are being guided to recall whatever is appropriate and meaningful for your spiritual growth in this present lifetime... Take your time exploring this incarnation...until you feel complete in re-experiencing this chapter of your eternal soul's journey... 


When you are ready, visualize this life's existence fading back into the cosmos... rising up once again into the corridor of light, time and space... traveling forward to reunite with your present lifetime and physical reality... Feel your consciousness merging back into your current body... refreshed and revitalized by this profound experience... filled with a greater sense of connection to your higher self and life's deeper purpose... Take one final, cleansing breath... allowing your eyes to gently open when you feel complete... renewed and present in the here and now... 


Take a few moments to journal about any insights, memories or experiences that arose during your past life regression. Describe in detail what you saw, felt, and re-experienced. Reflect on how this connects to your current life's journey and spiritual path.

A Regression Meditation Triggered My Past Life RecallA Regression Meditation Triggered My Past Life Recall

A Past Life Recall While Meditating Was Such A Realistic Experience

Guest post by Mary Mayflower - Sedona USA

I had been interested in past life recall and hypnotism since my early twenties. Some years ago I stumbled on some meditation instructions. When I first tried it out, I really did not believe it was going to work.

It was late at night and everyone else was asleep. So counting backwards from 10 to I as followed the regression meditation instructions I thought I fell asleep. I woke up in a very stark white misty place.

There was nothing there, but I felt a presence with me that was just beyond my sight. In the mist there formed this silvery gilded mirror. It was beautiful. There were figures, and decorations carved onto it. Within the mirror there was no reflection. Just rolling mists of white and a very chilly sensation.

As I looked I felt like I was falling into it, and the place became clearer. I really did end up falling, only to land in freezing water. My hazy, enchanted mind was shocked awake as I sunk to the bottom. I started to swim my way back up (at least what I thought was up) in the dark water. When I broke surface it all felt too real. My past life recall became so real to me. I was freaking out and wondering why, why, why.....

After catching my breath I looked around only to notice I was in a ravine. There were high rocky cliffs around me, it was night and it was dark, the moon was the only thing that gave light. It was huge in the sky. I was looking for land, something to climb on, but I only saw jagged rocks.  So I swam there and spent some time pulling my top half out of the water. My main goal was to avoid being sliced on the rocks.

After some time I just collapsed, rested to regain strength and breath. I was almost out, but I heard something. The noise came from the rock cropping, but it was nearer to land. It sounded like someone walking and crouching. It was too dark to see. Immediately I was alert, but couldn't do much. Then suddenly with unnatural speed someone shoved me back into the water. That shocked the crap out of me. I didn't even see it coming... I stayed in the water, because the figure seemed to be on the cliffs above me watching, and walking around out of sight. It scared me. So I turned my attention to the sky only to notice the moon wasn't there anymore. It was pitch black. On the water the moon seemed to be reflected, but it wasn't. It was there, huge, and shimmering palely on the water. I instinctively swam towards it and dived.

I awoke in white fog. Except this was something that can barely be explained in words. You'd had to see it. Think of Mickey Mouse or Disney. Now think of Mickey's magical black paint brush on the screen just creating scenes with strokes. That's how the fog acted.

It swirled and created a scene, all in white, of a place from long ago. These past life recalls were of Asian or Polynesian background. I saw people appear in groups watching warriors dance ritualistic dances. There was a fire pit, and ceremonial armor. Off in the crowd a silent woman watched and that tugged at me. Then the scene dispersed, it was over. Then next came a line that bled open, with the mist spiraling into images of a young woman or teen who was running wild around a maypole. She had no color like everything else was a misty white. Her mouth opened and it was black inside. Others were running and twirling around the maypole. It seemed to be some sort of festival. The laughing girl stayed with me. As she disappeared until only an eye was left. 

Then the last vision in these past life recalls became completely different.  I had not noticed how lacking I was in feeling or form. I don't think air was even necessary wherever I was. The last vision became an aerial view of mountains, and a wide crystal lake. It seemed like a cold region. I ended up in a meadow where I saw a young woman. She had on an old fashioned peasant dress on with an apron over it. There was a woven basket she was putting flowers, and roots in. Her hair was braided over her shoulder. I wondered why she was by herself all the way up here, but she didn't seem to mind. With a strong sense of curiosity I moved closer. 

I thought she was watching the lake. She just stood there silent. I recall being far above her and wanting to descend. Suddenly I was closer and she turned and actually looked at me. Her expression was of knowing. She performed some signs with her hand. With that it was like something popped and whatever vacuum I was in opened up. Air was now flowing into my lungs, I felt coolness, and I heard her gasp. Her expression was amazement.

The stark whiteness started to bleed away into colors. I could now see some of the mountains, the lake, the stranger's eyes, which had looked so washed out before, were now alive. She began to look real and I felt exposed. All of a sudden the white fog came back swallowing everything. The girl still gazed at me until I was snatched by an invisible force and dragged back through the sky.  I felt like we had broken a rule or something.

Eventually, I woke up not believing what I experienced, but those were some of my past lives. It was an amazing experience and I've never forgotten my past life recalls.

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