Pet Cat's Spirit

by Theresa

Our cat died last week. She was run over by a car and as she was so little she really stood no chance. She was so loved by all of us and her death has left a massive hole in our lives. Now call me crazy but we have all noticed that since splodge (our cat that died) passed on, our present other cat (bill) has been mirroring splodges behaviour to a scary extent. Bill was always kind of standoffish, he would come for a cuddle every now and again but mainly he liked to do his own thing. However since splodge went he has been randomly approaching us and behaving really playful (like splodge did) he will come sleep in the middle of us during the night (he never did this) and he will purr so loudly, this was splodges trademark which bill never did. His purr was always really low whereas splodge’s was like a train lol.

It would be forever if I explained every little thing but even sometimes when Bill looks at us it’s as though it’s splodge’s face. Then all of a sudden he will go back to being Bill again and go to the foot of the bed!

Do you think it’s possible that Bill is acting as some kind of vessel for splodge? I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight into this.

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Jun 20, 2015
Oh Jesus!! It's pathetic.
by: Steven Johns

I am really feeling bad for your cat. She was truly brave. The part of her life that you have described here, I can guess how she was. But I think that I want to tell is you should have much watchful to her. Well, the only way you can forget her is to adopt another cat and this time please take better care of her.

Nov 15, 2011
Cat Love
by: Anonymous

All I can say is that cat love is eternal. There is nothing quite like it on earth.
So, anything is possible.

Nov 07, 2010
my cat's keeper
by: Jessie

Dear Theresa,
Your cat Bill is showing normal behaviors, which are also seen in dogs. In a household with two cats, one is submissive and one is dominant. It sounds like Splodge was dominant and Bill was submissive. When the dominant cat passes on, the submissive cat will move into the role of head comforter. By mimicking Splodge's antics, Bill is hoping that this will allow him to move into your hearts like Splodge was, and bring a little bit of Splodge back. It sounds like Bill is really missing Splodge too.

Nov 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

I've seen this kind of thing with cats and dogs I've had. I worked for years in the animal welfare field and so had many different relationships with animals. One cat in particular...was just called White Kitty...went to live with my vet. This cat was in my work truck one morning...never did find out how he got there. He was very old....had all sorts of medical issues, but thrived living at the vet's office with all the care he needed and tons of loving admirers. He lived there for a couple of years. One morning I woke up and "saw" him laying at the foot of my bed. I called my vet to find that he had passed away a couple of days earlier. A friend in England has contacted me periodically over the last 6 years about White Kitty showing up at their home...He always shows up just before the onset of illness. They have learned to check each of their animals and themselves for any sign of illness. White Kitty has never been wrong, and actually warned them about their Siamese kitten...their vet said that without early treatment for a terrible respiratory infection, he would have died. The vet was impressed that they had "noticed" kitten's symptoms so early. I don't know why this story reminded me of yours...but I felt moved to tell it...maybe the sense that your kitty is also one of these types of old souls....

Nov 02, 2010
Cats morn too
by: Ms.Starr

Cats and Dogs morn too. With the passing of one, who was with him all the time, they get upset and afraid you will go away too. They cry, hang around and need attention. They will sleep where the other slept. Eat where the other ate. My Mom and Dad had two dogs. The mother was 15 and the son and is 13. Three weeks ago his mother passed and he would eat, and would cry and whimper. It was terrable. My father was with them every day all day. Two weeks ago tomorrow my father passed. It has been hard on all of us but poor Sonnie. He crys and crys runs all over the house looking for him. Dad's passing was not exspected. He had a heart attack at the breakfast table. Mom came home and found him. Sonnie was under the bed in terrible state. So my thought is you make sure your cat knows you love them. I am so sorry for your loss. Lossing a loved one and family is always hard, and pets They are family too.

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