The Cat Helped My Mediumship Develop In So Many Ways

Gracie my cat helped my mediumship develop after I noticed her acting rather odd, as if she was strangely looking into nowhere.

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Meet my cat, Gracie. 

She just recently turned one-year-old. She is an orange and white, female, domestic cat. She loves to talk and be the center of attention. 

Her hobbies include:

  • Scratching on my sofa
  • Knocking down my clothes in my closet
  • Climbing up on the counter-tops
  • Talking back
  • Playing chase
  • Cuddling (sometimes)
  • Sleeping.  
My Cat Helped My Mediumship Abilities ImproveGracie My Cat Helped My Mediumship Abilities Improve

She is a very social cat. 

She greets me at the door every evening when I get home, follows me around my apartment like a dog, and sits on my lap as I use the toilet. She runs around my apartment. She loves watching out the window. She tries to get into everything. And she’s not afraid of anything. 

My cat Gracie was meant to be.

I always wanted a cat that was mine, just mine. Growing up, my family always had pets. We fostered animals from local animal shelters and had cats of our own. I was always connected with animals, always Intune. Animals always seemed to be drawn to me. They connected to my energy and they gave me a sense of love, warmth, and knowing. I could connect with their thoughts and feelings sometimes better than my own. 

I adopted Gracie from a local pet store. 

She was sleeping, curled up in a ball. Her name was Gracie. An orange and white, domestic, female cat. I didn’t pet her. I didn’t try to play with her. I just knew she was mine, I knew she was meant to be. A few days later, I ended up bringing her home. Since then, she’s been on this intuitive journey with me. 

I’ve been on a path of spiritual awakening for a few years now. 

At first, the journey was slow. After a near-death experience (a car accident), I began questioning life, why things happened the way they did, and how things were meant to be. I knew there was more out there, I just struggled to open myself up to see the truth. 

In January of 2018, my awakening journey really started to take a turn. 

I started to learn to communicate to spirit, connect with my higher self and spirit guides. The energy around me, everything was all in high vibration. I had a hard time grounding, I had a hard time focusing. It was as if I had opened up a portal and disappeared into another world. I received the answers I always longed for and my intuition grew allowing me to see the past, present, and future. 

Everything was new. Real. Right. But so overwhelming at the same time. 

Everything and everyone was coming to me all at once. Messages from spirit would be mixed, as some voices overpowered other voices and some messages blended together with other messages. My abilities developing all at once were coming through and they were unstoppable. I joined a development class. My mentor told me that I had to learn how to line the messages up except she did not really explain how. I was more or less to figure that part out on my own. 

I started to build relationships with other like-minded individuals. 

I continued to go to my development class. I attended Meetup groups. I practiced readings on my friends. I kept a journal and started to write.  I did Network Spinal Analysis work through a local chiropractor. My chiropractor was able to release my physical pain that originally stemmed from emotional pain. I saw a counsellor. I tried to align my emotions along with the messages from spirit which I continued to receive. 

Then Gracie The Cat Helped My Mediumship Get Better

Gracie helped me to see spirit. As I continued to struggle to align the messages I was receiving, I started to notice Gracie acting rather odd. Gracie would become so focused on certain areas of my apartment. It was as if she was looking up into nowhere and acting strangely. She’d sit there. She’d cry. She’d stare. As if she was communicating with someone that was invisible. It was then I thought, what if they are visible.

I began to focus on what she was trying to focus on. 

Messages continued to come. I would write them on paper, make letters, words, shapes, and symbols, which all ended up eventually looking like scribbles. Scribbles that somehow made sense to me. As I retrieved these messages, I would look back to Gracie, to where she was focusing, and I began to see shadows of energy, balls of light. I started to see a different view of the spirit world, one I’d never imagine I would see. 

The messages began to align. 

As I continued to focus on the shadows of energy, the balls of light, the messages which were all jumbled in my head somehow aligned. As my messages aligned, my abilities to communicate with spirit continue to grow and they are still continuing to grow. 

Gracie opened up a world that was meant to be. 

From being able to communicate with spirit I have come to realize that my abilities have always been meant to be, and that this path I am on, is also meant to be. When I look at Gracie now, I feel as if I have known her forever, known her even before this life, and even before the next life. 

Animals have a special way of communicating with us. 

It is as if they can see within our souls. They connect with our energy and bring in light. It is almost as if they can see right through us and make things right. They feel our emotions and they know their names. Animals come to us at times of need, they are a comfort, a belonging. A symbol. A message. A meaning. Animals are in sync with our intuition and our guides. Sometimes they may even be a guide. 

Guest post by Julia Frances

Psychic Medium Julia Frances

Julia Frances is a spiritual and wellness blogger documenting her journey of spiritual awakening. She is a developing, intuitive medium, who continues to build her relationship with spirit each day. She strong believes that everything happens for a reason and that we are all meant to be. 

Julia is an empath and can connect to your emotions to help you understand your truth. She also helps others whom are going through their own spiritual journeys. 

Julia works full time as a social worker, and is very good at communicating intuitively with children helping them ground within the physical world. 

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My Saved By An Angel Story - by Julia Frances

How My Cat Helped Me Develop My Mediumship Abilities - by Julia Frances

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