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Pet Psychic Readings. See What These Real Animal Communicators Can Do

Professional pet psychic readings can help you through the stages of healing and closure when one of your beloved animal friends transition and the whole family is devastated.

A professional animal communicator may use their clairaudience and/or clairvoyance to transfer a living pet’s thoughts and feelings to you. This process can help find lost pets with a detailed description of their whereabouts and even help solve some previously unsolvable behavioural problems you may be experiencing from your pooch or kitty. Alternatively, because the consciousness of all deceased animals will live on in the afterlife pet psychic readings, with an evidential medium, can truly help you find peace from the painful suffering of your pet’s death when they tune into the spirit of your dearly departed companion. Some experienced pet psychics even connect with the angels of your own pets to bring an animal lover like you guidance and understanding.

How Pet Psychic Readings Work

Pet psychic animal communicators can provide valuable insights into your living pet’s behaviors, personality and physical condition. Does your dog feel silly when you dress him in those cute outfits? Does your cat scoot under the bed when it’s time to see the vet? What does he wish you would do differently? What does she enjoy? Does he need to tell you anything today?

Pet psychic readings help you connect with them on a higher level and establish a closer bond with these fluffy friends.

How do pet psychic readings work?

For talking to your pets and farm animals, professional pet psychic readings are unique. They are often referred to as Animal Communication or Animal Whispering Readings.

What do animal whisperers do?

  • Animal whisperers have an innate love for animals, are not afraid of most animals (within reason) and their telepathic abilities are highly developed. The process of an animal communication session with your pet is similar to the way a people psychic would communicate with you. Except dialogue is bounced back and forth telepathically.

Can animals communicate telepathically?

  • Keep in mind that all living things are made of energy, which is considered the universal language. Therefore, two factors are involved in telepathically communicating with animals – the vibrational rate of the animal and how the psychic translates telepathic messages. For example, a clairvoyant sees symbols, colors and pictures that the animal projects. Where a clairaudient would ‘hear’ the animal’s thoughts. So, it’s easy to understand that the specific animal’s energy level and which abilities the professional pet psychic possesses, determine how they interpret the animal’s thoughts and feelings into words.

You also know that as a Human Companion, you are responsible for your family pet’s safety, health and well-being. For instance, if you’ve ever wondered why your dog insists upon chasing after cars, pet psychic readings can help.

Another area where pet psychic readings are invaluable is in finding lost pets. They will call out to your missing pet telepathically and urge it to come home. You can even try this yourself. Just make sure you are in a meditative state before you start calling out in your mind.

Older animals bring up a different set of challenges. On occasion, decisions must be made concerning the best interest of your furry friend. Should you take the vet’s advice and have your pet euthanized? Or, should you opt for palliative care and let your pet die naturally? A pet psychic can inquire whether he has a preference or if he trusts his "Pet Parent" to make the right decision.

Get a pet psychic reading online now!

Your animal best friends have feelings. Pet psychics can help you understand your pet's soul energy, why they are acting a certain way, what they need, and whether your pet is happy. Get a pet psychic reading online now!

Comments About Pet Psychic Readings

Pet Cat's Spirit - by Theresa (England)
Our cat died last week. She was run over by a car and as she was so little she really stood no chance. She was so loved by all of us and her death has left a massive hole in our lives. Now call me crazy but we have all noticed that since splodge (our cat that died) passed on, our present other cat (bill) has been mirroring splodges behaviour to a scary extent. Bill was always kind of standoffish, he would come for a cuddle every now and again but mainly he liked to do his own thing. However since splodge went he has been randomly approaching us and behaving really playful (like splodge did) he will come sleep in the middle of us during the night (he never did this) and he will purr so loudly, this was splodges trademark which bill never did. His purr was always really low whereas splodge’s was like a train lol. It would be forever if I explained every little thing but even sometimes when Bill looks at us it’s as though it’s splodge’s face. Then all of a sudden he will go back to being Bill again and go to the foot of the bed! Do you think it’s possible that Bill is acting as some kind of vessel for splodge?

A Dog Psychic Connected With Rover - by Jayne (New York - United States)
I tried some phone readings with three different pet psychics on Kasamba. All three picked up something evidential, but one was amazing. I had lost Ringo, my German Shepherd, six months before. PAT on Kasamba is a Pet Whisperer and the first thing she mentioned was the tiniest things that no one would know. She also gave me some early age animal behavior tips to help with Shanti, my new Labradoodle. The little girl had been playing up in the middle of the night and waking the whole household.

What was my dog in a past life? - by Jonas (New Jersey USA)
My dog is so smart I really do think he may have been a person in one of his past lives! I can ask him a list of questions (even open-ended questions) and you can see him thinking like a person would, you know, his eyebrows lift and he stares off and then bounces back as if he just worked out the answer. He is also an uncanny judge of character when I am meeting people and he is with me. Some he loves and others he clearly dislikes. Could pet psychic readings get to the bottom of this?

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