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When using My Psychic Chat Online you can consult me as if you were seeking the advice of a wise friend or intuitive counsellor. My readings are sensitive and compassionate and I am able to provide a positive and reassuring viewpoint to all possible situations I see for you. I will leave you feeling lifted and enlightened, whatever challenge or exciting surprise lay ahead.


Although aware of the psychic realm since childhood, the resulting fears ensured the use of my sixth sense capabilities had remained dormant through adult life. That was until remarkable Metaphysical and Spiritual Awakenings began in outback Australia in the 1980’s where I developed a relationship with the Tarot, Crystal Ball and a Higher-Guide named Quasar. Since then, past life regression, Alpha/Theta mind work, hypnosis and NLP have also formed part of my Psychic Coaching practices in Australia, USA, UK, Cyprus and India.

I offer my gift of a unique and accurate style of psychic interpretation and clairvoyance.

Use my psychic line for relationship issues. My ability to tune into ‘the other person’ is a blessing. Soul mate and twin flame relationships often need extra care while synchronizing in this lifetime.

In career, business and work issues use my psychic chat online. My intuitive coaching can provide the insight and guidance to help you make good decisions.

If you have the need for dream interpretation I can bring you my Tarot, Crystal Ball and Higher-Guide insight not some old clichéd dream dictionary. I am an instructor for lucid and psychic dreaming and can show you how to harness the power of your night-time adventures if you so wish.

For more focus on what YOU can do about your future my Spiritual Psychic Readings may be more suitable. Only if you are open to stronger elements of guidance though.

What about help ‘making things happen’? I had been teaching 'The Secret' long before the book made its splash. Law of Attraction secrets known and utilized by adepts like me. A magnetic force that has been used by successful people throughout the ages yet had been suppressed from the masses. I can help make things happen with the potency of a mystic’s spell without all the hocus-pocus. Through my Life Wizardry Coaching, together, we can engage the universal law of attraction for compelling solutions to manifest your most wanted outcomes.

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