Psychic Email Reading

by Kent Coffee
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Keen Psychic Email Readings - Kent Coffee

Keen Psychic Email Readings - Kent Coffee

Here is an example of a psychic email reading that I did the other day.

Hi ______, thank you for taking the time to vision the life that you would like to have with him. As for the exercise, continue visioning what you want, especially during the times where life seems slower than usual, and you will be better prepared for the next "go around" if you will. Having said that, he is way more sensitive than you know. I understand that he can be a flirt, but rarely does he get "close" with women and it takes a special kind of woman to put up with him that he ultimately seeks. He's also way more complicated than you think and believe that he had a somewhat troubling childhood. I don't think that he would tell you this, but that's why he isolates himself. You are really good for him because you're patient, smart, and realistic about him.

However, there seems to be a control issue here. He wants to be the provider and feels at times that he is beneath you. I don't think that it's a huge issue because you do make him think, which is a great thing by the way. The two of you struggle in who controls the relationship. You may be thinking that you are being vulnerable and open, but he's perceiving you as needy and confusing. Now, please don't take this too personally. It's part of his personality. As soon as he gets close with someone he tends to put them in "test" mode. The reason why you don't trust him is because he's given off that vibe that he doesn't trust you. It really is about lack of effective communication, because the two of you use various ways of communicating with each other and 80 percent of that is nonverbal.

There is a particular strong lust for you that he carries with him at all times. Sometimes, it's obviously more stronger than others, but I see this as another reason why things are so sporatic. In all honesty, the two of you need to have sex soon. And by what it shows, it shows that you will be intimate with him. This will continue until you figure him out.

You have to understand that he doesn't like to be controlled in any way, BUT that doesn't mean that you need to be vulnerable towards him, it just means that you have to show him that you don't really care that much. Playing hard to get when things are going well with you all is also encouraged.

Now having said that, the two of you ARE meant to continue this connection. I'm sorry to tell you, but in order to get to the space that you envision, you still need more experiences. The great thing about it is that it doesn't show that he will be with somebody else meaning he won't leave you for somebody else and if anything you'd be the one that leaves him if things didn't turn out. And hypothetically speaking, he would absolutely devastated if that were to happen.

In terms of his faithfulness, I think there has been too much emotional investment in this relationship that it would be highly unlikely that he will develop another kind of connection like this at this point. I don't think you REALLY know how he feels about you, but that's exactly what he wants you to feel. He wants to see how much you're willing to sacrifice in order to be with him. I don't think this is on a conscious or deliberate level, but I do think that he has been hurt before and so for him to completely trust...he put his significant others on edge.

Having said that, I do think that if the two of you can come to terms with working on a team endeavor you will very naturally find that you guys are a great team! See the way that it is now, there seems to be a power struggle between the two of you that needs to be balanced by mutual respect and understanding of each other. In other words, if the two of you do become partners in a business venture and it actually starts to take off, you will find that he becomes more open and loving towards you because he will REALLY feel like your equal. Sorry, but that's his insecurity and his issue. Don't worry about the Age thing, he lusts for you and that should tell you everything about that.


Please note this is just an example, every reading is tailored to the client and names were omitted for privacy.


- Kent Coffee

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Mar 24, 2018
Accurate on Time
by: Strormy

So far his timelines have been fairly accurate. I’m hoping they continue to be. Kent has helped me to maintain focus and keep calm and let things unfold without worrying so much.

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