Seeing The Psychic Signs And Symbols That Come Your Way

I see psychic signs and symbols. Unlike the Hollywood stereotypical psychic who sees everything in technicolor including names ranks and serial numbers. When people come to me for readings I tell them that I will most likely speak about the signs and symbols I see during the reading. 

Christine Corda is the verified author of this guest post.

For instance I had a client come to me and as I was asking spirit to give me the words and information she needed to hear to help her. I saw in my mind’s eye a huge, very wide door, on each side of the door were two men and my client was coming through the door with books in her hands, she looked exasperated. These two men were holding the door open for her but they were smirking,,,, I got a bit confused over this vision as I do at times with the psychic signs and symbols and thought "Oh what the heck am I seeing this ridiculous image for?" I took a deep breath asked for clarification and trusted the Spirit of truth. Spirit never lets me down. I knew it was work related and that I was seeing her at work, I knew the two men were co-workers of hers. I felt it and knew it.

Psychic Signs And Symbols Are Your Intuitive Messages

When we get a psychic impressions through our spirits we know there is no guess work about it.. we just know.

  • "I see you at work and there is a big door two men are holding it for you" .. "They appear to be 'gentleman' but they are anything but" "They give you a lot of grief at work".

I told her I felt she is being called to be careful at work and watch out for troublemakers who would treat her differently because she is female, that even though they are acting one way they have different intentions. She laughed and said "you are on to something Christine because I am having trouble at work, and it is about sexism,,, as a matter of fact I am in the process of filing a complaint."

So you see I didn't seek to see things like in Hollywood where the psychics in the movies have waking dreams, not that this doesn't happen but it would be incredibly stressful. Instead I trust spirit and my own gifts to see the psychic signs and symbols and be accepting to God to guide me to understand them.

Certainly the interaction with the client is important, if they do not think about what the meanings may be they might not 'get it', we all have to be open, open enough, to receive what is going to come to us and not just concentrate on what we want to come to us. This is an important part of the reading, whether you are the reader or the sitter, accepting what is supposed to come and not just what you wish will come may be hard but very important.

Learn To See Your Own Psychic Signs And Symbols

Try this - meditate today, find a quiet spot and lay or sit down close your eyes and ask questions, see what happens, pay attention to the psychic signs and symbols that may come to you. As silly as they may seem, make notes, then ask spirit to lead you to a better understanding of what they mean. - You will be pleasantly surprised!

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Guest post by Christine Corda: Psychic Medium and Reiki Master

Christine Corda

Christine Corda has been a Psychic Medium her entire life. Her abilities are passed down through three generations.

Christine encourage and guides people to awaken their own gifts, and to nurture them, bringing them out fully in order to empower themselves and better their lives. 

She also receives channeled messages, medical knowledge of people and Angel guidance/inspiration. You can tune into her weekly radio show on Blogtalk radio entitled "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" every Sunday from 7pm to 8pm est.

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