Random Guy is Boyfriend in My Dream

by Bri-Bri
(Mississippi )

I had never seen this guy before or met him before he appeared in my dreams one night. First it was okay then every night. After that the dreams became more and more real and we would have conversations like normal people.

Then one night in my dreams we were talking about our past. Then he asked me out and it was like someone else took over me and said yes but I was going to say no. And one night when I was myself in the dream I asked "who are you?" he got angry and disappeared.

Then my dream went to darkness and blood and dead bodies (I don’t think about those things). I woke up with figure marks around my arms and my neck was burning and my body was aching. That night when I fell asleep I was running down a dark street nothing was chasing me but I had I bad feeling about the guy being hurt or dead.

A house appeared in front of me and I ran inside knowing it was his house. It was dark inside and I found his door closed and opened it to find him with cuts on his arms and blood dripping from his arms and he was pointing a gun to his head. But before he could pull the trigger I pulled it away from him and threw it across the room. He started crying and saying "go away. Let me die. You don’t love me anymore." Then again someone else was taking over me it was my voice. But I wasn’t the one wanting to say these words. "I do love you." "No you don’t, you don’t even know who I am." he says still crying. "Yes I do. I didn’t mean anything by it." I (the person that was inside me) after that night everything went back to normal us going out.

All I want to really know is what does all mean? Not that I don’t like it I do but I don’t know where it came from or what it means. Also the darkness, blood, and dead bodies appear in my head when I’m awake, what does that mean? Please respond because I don’t know what to think about these two.


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Jan 24, 2017
by: Anonymous

All I can tell you for sure is a person with the same face exists in real life, all faces of humans in dreams we have seen, but we do not realize it.

Oct 07, 2011
tread water
by: Anonymous

Your dream is a mixture of different thing.. there are different levels of the dream world... and it sounds like you fallen in one of the deeper levels.. when in R.E.M.. it is said to be one way to enter the spirit realm..when u have a surreal dream, this is usually it...most times you will not rememeber the dream but depending on the level of the dream state your in, then u will...now the outer body experience you are having what appears to be the past.. have you ever seen the movie mummy return...it sounds like the feeling you have that's overtaken you...is a reincarnation of ur past self...remember our bodies are only vessels...it seems though the dreams you been having are of those of a past lover and his mate...that's why ur feeling its someone else speaking through you...

Oct 07, 2011
Bri-unintentional astral traveling
by: Anonymous

Dear Bri-Bri

seems you were astral traveling in your dreams, maybe it seems by not your consent/awareness, but if you are intuitive (which i think you possibly are)you were dragged in by other people seeking the 'light' (not with malice) which shone from you which caused their attraction towards you... just seeking the 'light'. Ask for protection, ask your guardian angels to guard your bedroom door and not allow others in without their/your permission, ask that those who wish to speak/connect with you do so at a set time of the day which is convenient to you - in the spirit world they are like children - demanding and need boundaries.

It seems by chance your energy field got mixed up with 2 other people, dont know where you went or what you visited prior to this or even what your read?... surround yourself with white light, rainbow colours, or as i do a huge wolfskin coat (politically incorrect i know but this works for me right down to the hood which covers my face and the big boots - my protection) whatever works... seems you are a sensitive and you need to find your way. Thank them for what they have shown you now but also let them know you need to find your own way.
Thats relatively easy to do - just pray (voice your thoughts) to God/Buddha/Universe ... whatever Diety appeals to you.

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